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Second Burglary In A Month After Victim Lured To Alley By Men Posing As Workers

robbery-3A woman’s home was burglarized on Monday, Sept. 19 on the 1900 block of W. Farragut Ave. after she was lured to the alley by men posing as workers. It is the second such known neighborhood incident in the past month.

Monday’s burglary, which happened around 3 p.m., occurred after a man who said he was talking with neighbors about repaving the alley asked the home owner to follow him to the back of the house. As the man kept the woman talking in the alley, another person entered the woman’s home.

Once the woman realized something was not right, she returned to her home only to discover the front door wide open and cabinets, drawers and items not how she left them. The burglar even attempted to open the victim’s safe with a hammer. Luckily, nothing was taken and the woman is all right.

The victim’s daughter told EVB that her mother is very upset because, “she has to change her ‘way of living’ in the house she has lived in for 45 years. Locking all doors and carrying house keys when she mows the lawn, worrying about leaving windows open during the day. Even cautious about being out in her garden and such.”

The daughter did say that the comunity and police really stepped up after the burglary. She explained, “The neighbors have been amazing. A few of them even gave her their numbers in case she ever needs them. Another offered to have a look around when he got home from work in the middle of the nite. Police responded quickly and were thorough and respectful.”

In a separate incident in late August, an area elderly woman was robbed of money from her home. A man wearing an orange vest who stated he worked for the City of Chicago coaxed the woman out of her residence under the same pretense that work was being done in the alley.  The imposter engaged in a lengthy conversation with the woman while someone else entered the home to burglarize it.

In a statement by Alderman Patrick O’Connor, he said, “If anyone comes to your residence, always ask for proper identification. If there is any question about their identity, call 911. It is also a good idea to call the company or department the person claims they work for to verify that work is scheduled in your area.  If they claim to be a city worker, residents can also call my office (773-769-1140) and we will be glad to call the proper department for verification.”

An upcoming beat meeting for the area (Beat 2012) is Wednesday, October 12, in the St. Gregory gymnasium, 1609 W. Gregory, at 7 p.m.  A representative from the Alderman’s office will be in attendance.

As always, if you see something suspicious, call 911 right away. 

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