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Two Proposed Andersonville Housing Developments Scrapped After Resident Backlash

1443 Summerdale

After an intense struggle to rezone the East Andersonville neighborhood, the communities that surround Andersonville north of Foster Ave. are all officially RS-3. Construction developers who have been eyeing the lucrative potential of the area are now seeing their plans halted after community backlash has helped sway Aldermanic support against needed  variances to build them.

Two such proposals have been requested by companies recently on both the East and West sides of Andersonville. Each needed the Aldermen’s support for necessary variances in order to build larger structures than what current zoning allows. But with residents negative response to the proposals, those local leaders will not back the projects.

The home at 1443 W. Summerdale became the first construction proposal since East Andersonville was rezoned to RS-3. Alderman Harry Osterman of the 48th Ward gauged the community on the plans to tear down all but the framework of the existing structure and construct a multi-unit building.

The East Andersonville Residents Council quickly rejected the full scope of the project, namely the removal of the home’s facade. After trying unsuccessfully to negotiate with the developer, the Chicago Zoning Board ultimately rejected the requested zoning variances last week.

5400 N Ashland

Another home at 5400 N Ashland was also considered for demolition and development. In its place a 3-story, 7-unit condominium building with a detached garage and several parking spaces would be built by local Candea Development.

The proposed plans for the double-wide lot also need variances to allow for the construction on the RS-3 zoned property. After holding a town hall meeting in June about the complex, 40th Ward Alderman Andre Vasquez ultimately decided not to support the project.

According to Vasquez, there were several reasons for not backing the plans. Residents at the June meeting who were mostly against the project was a main factor. The community had many concerns over an increase in density, the loss of existing green space, and the lack of affordable housing that would be offered.

There has not been word from either developer on the future status of the properties.



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