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Andersonville Resident Hits It Out Of The Park For His Hero Dr. Anthony Fauci

With a global pandemic sending the nation into a health crisis full of moral dilemmas, we look to heroes in our communities and in our leadership to help us navigate through the storm. One Andersonville resident found his inspiration in one of the top infectious disease experts in the word and has now immortalized him in a truly unique way.

Local artist David Stokes has lived in the Andersonville/Edgewater neighborhood for 14 years now and works within the advertising industry. Like most of us, COVID-19 has been a complicated disruption in his life forcing him to rethink his normal routine. With grim news on a daily basis, Stokes found himself gravitating towards someone that is not only ta straight-shooter but also someone who was a calming force during these challenging times, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci.

As an avid trading card collector since he was a child, he was obsessed with the heroes whose images could be found on them. The faces of sports figures, movies stars, Presidents and even cowboys were all printed to honor those we looked up to. So it seemed to be a home run for Stokes to create his own card series that celebrated his hero Dr. Fauci.

“Trading cards have recognized heroes of American history and lore,” said Stokes, “Dr. Fauci is certainly taking his place among such figures, and has a professional record that rivals any Hall-of-Famer, so baseball cards were a natural choice to celebrate him.”

With the look and and feel of vintage baseball cards, the series contains 10 designs in full color printed on thick card stock. Each includes an image of Dr. Fauci on the front and fun facts and statistics on the reverse side. The card series even comes in a hinged acrylic box to help keep them safe.

“I am inspired by Dr. Fauci’s focus and integrity, especially in the face of so much recent criticism,” Stokes added. “I find it fascinating that Dr. Fauci has been involved in health care for literally his entire life. He’s dedicated his entire career to public health, going back to his service for the National Institutes of Health during the Vietnam War.”

The 10-card set has been selling for $16.50 on Etsy.com. The five-star comments on the page speak volumes on how fun and inspiring the cards have been for customers. But according to Stokes, there were actually 20 cards in all created for the project. So one could expect that the other half will be released in the near future.

Stokes explained that the cards give insight to Dr. Fauci’s lifelong dedication to public health. The cards have a fun, whimsical side as well that provide a bit of levity during these challenging times.

“I hope the Dr. Fauci cards reinforce the position of both he and healthcare workers as today’s heroes.”

Stokes added that he is considering another series of trading cards aimed at the 2020 elections.


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