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Puppy-mills No More! Hello Famous Fido Rescue Dogs.

Chicago is joining cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix in the fight to ban and shut down pet stores that support inhumane treatment of pure-bred animals. One City passed legislation to do so 2 weeks ago. In March of 2015 the ordinance will go into effect and Chicago pet stores will not be allowed to sell dogs, cats or rabbits that have been purchased from large-scale breeding facilities, commonly referred to as “puppy mills.” Most of the animals bought and sold from these operations are pure-bred dogs and go for high prices. Now that the ban is in place, all animals sold in the city will have to be from rescue organizations, the city pound, humane societies, and other organizations that support the livelihood and well-being of homeless animals. In a city as large as Chicago, there is no shortage of a need for good homes for animals in need.


In Andersonville we have our very own rescue Famous Fido Rescue that aims to end the killing of homeless dogs from shelters and find them foster and full-time homes. Gloria Lissner has worked diligently for 30 years rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need of medical care and loving homes. She believes Chicago has the capability to be stop euthanizing animals. From years of working with animals who have been neglected and abused, Gloria goes through an extensive process with her volunteers to rescue animals from shelters who are in danger of being put down, and follows through to ensure these animals are being placed in safe and secure homes.

Gloria was in full support of the new legislation and explained, “The ban passed last week is a great start. The stores located in the city that sell these animals will have to start incorporating more humane practices. Unfortunately people will still be able to get animals from places in the suburbs. Previously I was always disheartened by city officials and people at the top not showing any compassion towards the animals who are tossed out and forgotten about. This ban is tremendous beginning for us.”

You can learn more about her work and ways to get involved here. If you are interested in volunteering, donating or showing your support, you can find her (and a few of her furry friends), located inside of Ruff N’ Stuff Pet Center at 5430 N Clark.

While City Council Alderman approved this bill with an overwhelming 49-1, not everyone was in support of this ban. Opinions are varied, due to the number of Chicago-based businesses this law will negatively impact. While everyone supports animals being bred, bought and sold humanely, foes of the new law argue that it will in fact hurt local and independent pet stores and push their businesses to the surrounding suburbs.


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