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After Opening 2 Stores In 1 Year, Recent Senn Grad Opens His Third In Edgewater

A new shoe store that opened yesterday in Edgewater not only will fix your favorite shoes, they also sell refurbished high-end sneakers and will customize as well. But what makes Fix Your Kicks at 1140 W. Thorndale even more special, a twenty-year-old Senn High School graduate is responsible for the store.

Owner and professional cobbler, Joshua Marin, is proving to be a local  business force. Besides the new Edgewater shop, he has opened two others in just under a year including one in Lincoln Square and another in Bucktown. The stores will repair just about anything leather including shoes, purses and luggage.

Graduating from Senn High School in 2015, Marin learned the tools of his trade from his father’s business in the seventh grade. He would take a bus to the shop at North and Clark and help out with the repairs. Being a cobbler is in Marin’s blood- literally, as his grandfather was in the trade as well.

“I started going to my dad’s shop when I was a child and I would help him out, and that’s how I started out. I liked it, really enjoyed it,” said Marin. “It was something that both my dad and grandpa had a passion for. They were hustlers and I wanted to hustle too.”

Marin admits that he was always good with money and knew where to invest it. So when he had the opportunity to start his first Fix Your Kicks location in Lincoln Square, he saw potential and opened his second store in Bucktown in February.

After another cobbler closed his shop on Thorndale recently, Katrina Balog who is the Executive Director of the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce was hoping another person in the trade would open on the street. So she was incredibly pleased to learn about Marin because he is both a third generation cobbler and also a Senn graduate.

“It is great to see a Senn High School graduate open in Edgewater,” said Balog. “It reinforces the importance of Senn High School to the community: Senn graduates go on to do great things, including opening businesses in Edgewater! His business serves not only students, but residents as well. It’s great to see a young person launching his own business in the neighborhood.”

Being the newest addition to Edgewater’s diverse assortment of locally owned businesses, Marin brings a fresh take to being a cobbler. With a unique name, a passion for his trade, and a strong sense of community involvement, Marin looks forward to meeting new customers in the area.

“If you have ambition and you really want something, you can do it,” Marin added. “I saved up money, invested in some machines and made the right moves. If you work hard for something, you will get it. It just takes time and it takes patience.”

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