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Edgewater Residents Returning To Vehicles Only To Find Their Tires Stolen

Photo: EVB Facebook Viewer

Another rash of thefts are taking place in Edgewater where thieves are stealing tires from vehicles and leaving them sitting on cinder blocks.

The black market is hot for stolen car parts, especially specialty tires. Vehicles with large tires, designer rims and such can bring in top dollar for crooks who want to make some fast cash. They can sell the tires to people who are interested in purchasing the items at a fraction of the cost of retail stores.

Hondas are in particular demand because of their popularity and interchangeable parts between the vehicles. A Honda Civic’s tires can fit onto a Honda fit and so on. Because there are so many of them in the city, the demand is high.

Authorities are having trouble catching the suspects because they work so fast. Most cars can be stripped of their tires in under five minutes. But worse yet, many victims are not reporting the crimes to the police, opting for angry social media posts instead.

Photo: EVB Facebook Viewer

Police recommend not tricking out wheels as they stick out. Costing around $100, tire locks are available and act much like a boot which keep tires securely in place. Locking lug nuts are also an option. Costing between $10-$50, they secure the bolts that hold the tire making it more difficult for thieves.

Police also recommend paying attention to where you park in the city. Higher traffic areas and more well lit streets deter the thefts. And most of all, report the thefts. This will help your local police track the crimes.

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