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New Image Released Of High Rise That Could Replace Woodruff Arcade

New renderings have been released for the proposed high rise that could replace the Woodruff Arcade building at 6361 N. Broadway.

The new images are the third incarnation of the complex (which is now called ‘The Arcade’) from the developer, Borekci Real Estate and Algonquin Ventures Real Estate LLC (who have an office in Schaumburg but are based in Ankara, Turkey). The building will help anchor the busy intersection where Broadway, Sheridan and Devon meet.

The new design shows a more streamlined facade that has been increased to seven stories. The first level will offer 9,000 sq ft of retail space and 58 rental units above. According to Edgemark, the commercial real estate brokerage for the property, the project could be completed by fall of next year.

However, the Edgewater Historical Society with support of many residents are teamed up to try to save the building before it is demolished. Built in 1923, the Woodruff Arcade is one of the last of its kind in the nation. Its interior space has a two-story courtyard with a grand glass skylight that runs the length of the structure and a walkway on the second floor with a walkable balcony that gives views to the floor below. The design is considered the predecessor to the modern mall.

The Edgewater Historical Society sees great importance in saving Woodruff from demolition. On there website they have launched a page to save the Woodruff Shopping Arcade. They have also launched an online petition to save the arcade which has received 700 signatures.

According to the Society’s webpage, the 48th Ward alderman can save this building if there is sufficient community support.

Hat tip: Curbed Chicago

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  • Ray Wohl

    Stop this ugly post modern monstrosity from ruining the gate way to Edgewater and Edgewater Beach. Protect the historic Woodruff arcade and stop the foreign land grab and over reach. Local citizens can make a difference and save our historic Edgewater.

  • Lynn Anderson

    This design looks cheap and dated before it even goes up. It would be adding insult to injury to destroy the Arcade for an eyesore.

  • Josh Soffer

    Reminds me of Loyola University’s now defunct Damen Hall.


    • Edgewater_Reader

      Exactly. And there is no reason to bring it back to life.

  • Edgewater_Reader

    Somebody tell the Alderman that this building needs a redesign. I mean — really? Edgewater is looking too good to have this stamped on the gateway corner. For every step forward that Edgewater makes, it seems to take two steps back.

  • mimi harris

    Good Grief! What an ugly, boring building! Let’sorganizea trip to the Alderman’s office who probably has it in his power to stop this. Asakid I went to a doctor in the arcade! It’s really not outdated and should be saved. Don’t understand why Chicago, full of architectural gems is so weakabout preservation and reuse. Let’s stop this! I’m too old to lead this folks but I’ll help out!

    • Edgewater_Reader

      I’m with you.

    • Edgewater_Reader

      I went by today — all the tenants are leaving. They have to be out by Dec. 31.

      The wrecking ball can’t be far behind…

  • Edgewater_Reader

    The original design from August (one of the two renderings) is better in my view — the one where the sills between each floor are black. Not ideal but better than the black-framed Damen Hall re-boot that they’ve come up with recently.

  • Laura Louzader

    The proposed building looks like a 1964-vintage off-the-shelf structure designed for an outparcel at a third-tier suburban shopping mall. It’s an instant C-class building. This prime streetcorner deserves better- it’s the gateway to Edgewater and Rogers Park. As it is, we’re stuck with the Starbucks on the opposite corner for the next few years, along with the other fast food pits along Broadway. I think we’d all like to see a mixed-use residential & commercial building with verve and distinction on this important corner.