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Iconic Edgewater Beach Apartments Gets A $100K Lighting Makeover

Kennedy Photos c/o EBA

Long a symbol of the community, the Edgewater Beach Apartments (EBA) has completed a new street side makeover along Sheridan by adding 13 new streetlights that blend with the building’s iconic charm. The EBA residents will be holding a lighting ceremony this Wednesday for the entire neighborhood to celebrate.

As the only remaining part of the Edgewater Beach Hotel complex, the EBA survived through the years even after the demolition of the hotel in the late 1960s. It has since risen to become one of the area’s most iconic structures. Built by Marshall and Fox in 1928, it and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

The residents of the building have taken great pride in the building by adding improvements through the years to a property that is almost a century old. Most recently the building has replaced non-functional lights that many considered an eyesore with 13 new LED street lights along Sheridan Ave. that will mimic the existing ornamentation of the facade.

The Original building was built with about 12 concrete column streetlights with glass globes on top. But through the years, those lights deteriorated and they were replaced with cast iron, vintage lamp posts. However, those lights too fell into ruin eventually rusting and some missing their access panels which caused most of the lights to fail.

It was then that the EBA board decided to do something about the lights, eventually agreeing on replacing them with new ones that will last for some time to come. Joe Ferrario, who is one of the EBA board of directors helped spearhead the project.

“A little over a year ago, members of the board said that they really needed to do something about this,” said Ferrario. “It’s an aesthetic problem and it’s actually a security problem.”

At first the board asked the city if they could help, but because the lights have always belonged to the EBA the board was ultimately responsible for them. So they began their research to find black rod iron column lights that would match the building’s sconces.

Once the lights were selected, a contractor was hired to not only assemble the 13 new street lights, but also to go underground and completely rewire them to code. The new lights are LED and include utility outlets for Holiday lights and such. The project came in at just over $100,000 which came out of the EBA reserves.

“The new lights really brighten up the corner and we are really pleased with them,” Ferrario added. “A side benefit are the LED bulbs which means energy consumption will be greatly reduced. The lights will cast most of their light downward so there is no glare into resident’s windows. People in the building are pretty enthusiastic about them.”

To commemorate the achievement, the EBA board has decided to throw a lighting ceremony for the new street lights this Wednesday, December 6 at 5:30 p.m. Hot chocolate will be available for all attendees and the Alderman is expected to show up to help flip the switch.

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