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Saddle & Cycle Club Fireworks

2012 Cycle & Saddle Club fireworks.  Credit: Jeremy Bressman

2012 Cycle & Saddle Club fireworks. Credit: Jeremy Bressman

Edgewater’s Cycle & Saddle Club will once again have a 4th of July fireworks display beginning at dusk this Thursday evening.

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  • Matthew

    The Saddle & Cycle club is not at Sheridan and Broadway (these streets are parallel through Edgewater and Sheridan and Broadway cross near Montrose many blocks South of the area). The club is off Foster between Sheridan and Lake Shore Drive. Foster Beach is a much better and closer viewing spot than Osterman (Hollywood) Beach which is several blocks north of the club.

  • Guest

    Has anyone been able to see fireworks from Lane Beach at Thorndale? New to the area and didn’t want to venture miles away.

    • bill

      No. Buildings will be in your way. You’ll probably have a better to the north of Evanston’s display.

      • Guest

        Thanks Bill!

  • Marco from Tropoja

    Watched it again this year from the corner of Balmoral and Sheridan. Excellent. Have seen it nearly every year since 1993; almost always one of the highlights of my summer

  • Jim Olson

    A suggestion for next year? “Dusk” is not a particularly accurate way to describe what time the fireworks start. Please publicize a more specific time. 9 p.m.? 9:30?

    • Thinkb4upost

      Derrrrr fireworks always start at dusk dummy

      • Jim Olson

        And what time, exactly, would that be? No need to be insulting.

    • jbressman

      Hi Jim, I believe this year it kicked off just after 9pm (9:10 ish). Unfortunately the event organizer does not specify a specific time, just “dusk.” My guess is they need to wait until it is dark enough to display the fireworks properly, which can vary daily as you likely know.

  • Anne

    Does anyone know if the grassy area between Sheridan and LSD has a name? I have watched there for years and I have never known what to call it which made my giving directions last night a bit of a farce