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Poodle and His Owner Fall into Lake at Montrose

Dangerous Lake Michigan Shoreline

Dangerous Lake Michigan Shoreline

Around 5:15pm this evening a man jumped in the lake over an icy retaining wall to save his dog who slipped over the edge. The man struggled with his dog, a white poodle in the frigid water. The man’s two other two poodles on shore were barking noisily and that alerted Lynn Gerhard who was cross country skiing nearby according to an NBC report. She called 911 as she watched helplessly. At that point a nearby jogger, Adam Dominik, was able to find a rope in which he dragged the man and his dog closer to shore. First responders were hampered in their arrival because the incident occurred just South of Montrose harbor near the bird sanctuary which is about a quarter mile from the nearest parking lot. However, they did get to them in time. They police praised Lynn and Adam for their heroics to save both the man’s life and his dog. Both are expected to make a full recovery.

Officials want all to know how dangerous the lake front is at this time of year. It becomes very hard to know where the shoreline starts and before you know it your on ice. Also, you must keep your dogs on leashes when walking them. Not only for others safety,  but also for the pet’s safety.  They can easily get excited and fall over icy edges or run onto thin ice.

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