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Police Foot Patrols Coming To Devon

badge1Police foot patrols are the oldest form of neighborhood crime deterrence and it is scheduled to begin again soon on Devon Ave. This style of policing has been on the decline, but since gas prices have steadily increased over the years, Chicago’s finest have been slowly bringing them back along with additional bicycle patrols.

It’s not all to ward off the criminal element alone though. Neighborhoods have been welcoming them back as a way to not only make people feel safe, but also to encourage better community relations. The stronger presence of police working one-on-one within the community as opposed to only driving by in an enclosed vehicle could again be the next tactic in combating crime here in Edgewater. These foot patrols can help the area adapt better strategies as they closely work together to pin point issues before they happen.

With the community still in shock surrounding the deadly mid-afternoon shooting of Wil Lewis while standing at a Devon Ave. bus stop, this decision seems to be calming some residents nerves. Alderman Harry Osterman said today, “I want to thank 24th District Commander Thomas Waldera for assigning a new foot patrol officer for Devon Avenue. This officer will patrol Devon from Clark Street to Sheridan Road. Foot patrol officers have had a positive impact on improving safety on streets like Argyle, Bryn Mawr and Thorndale in our community.”

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