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Bryn Mawr Water Main Project Ending, Resurfacing Next

construction1It has been a long several weeks for Bryn Mawr businesses and residents as they have endured many inconveniences due to the construction of a century old water main in dire need of replacement.  Now the light at the end of the tunnel is bright as work is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.

The dust and noise of all the machines will slowly come to an end and we will start to see Bryn Mawr completely resurfaced. All damaged curbs and other structures will be repaired and fresh paint applied to all crosswalks. However, new work is also commencing for the next 90 days as crews inspect catchbasins and manholes. If repair is needed, they will do so in order to extend their functions for another 30-50 years.

Here is the full detailed plan according to the 48th Ward Office:

Bryn Mawr Water Main Project

    • All water main installations in all 3 phases have been completed.
    • Concrete for the intersection of Kenmore & Bryn Mawr is scheduled to be poured on Tues. (9/2).
    • The remaining concrete cap on Bryn Mawr, Kenmore to Winthrop is scheduled to be poured on Wed. (9/3).
    • All remaining curb work at Kenmore & Bryn Mawr is scheduled to be completed by Wed.(9/3).


 Bryn Mawr Resurfacing Project

    • Currently working on all crosswalks on the southside of Bryn Mawr, working from west to east.
    • Once the contractors get to Sheridan, they will then move to the northside of Bryn Mawr and work east to west
    • These crosswalks are being improved to bring them into compliance with the ADA standards.
    • After these are completed the street will be milled.
    • All structures, damaged curb, etc. are then addressed.
    • Once completed, street is then scheduled to be resurfaced.
    • All crosswalks are the marked/painted.
    • Estimated time of resurfacing project completion is last week of September, weather permitting.


Upcoming Sewer Work

The Dept. of Water Management is currently working on a Structure Rehabilitation Program here in the 48th Ward. The area bounded by Elmdale, Foster, Clark, and Sheridan will have all catchbasins and manholes inspected starting this week. This program should take approx. 90 days. They will be installing a cement lining in the catchbasins, manholes, and other drainage structures. If a structure requires repair before the lining can take place that work will be performed. If the existing structure is completely collapsed, a new precast catch basin will be installed. There will be some parking restrictions around these structures and the signs will come down after the lining process is completed. The reason for this program is to extend the life of the structure by 30-50 years.

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