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New Andersonville Cryotherapy Center Wants To Freeze Your Pain Away

cryotherapy-2With many healthcare options in the Edgewater and Andersonville area, residents have found lasting relationships with local businesses. Physicians, dentists, chiropractors and more have opened up storefronts throughout the neighborhood. Adding to the mix is a new, unique option which has been gaining popularity throughout the nation.

Andersonville Cryotherapy and Athletic Recovery Center recently opened their innovative 850 sq ft cryotherapy center at 5052 N Clark St. Cryotherapy is a holistic process that helps promote muscle recovery, decrease inflammation, reduce pain and rejuvenates skin.

A typical cryotherapy session lasts about three minutes after the client enters a cryosauna wearing minimal clothing. They are then surrounded by hyper cooled air that creates a systemic response. 

According to a release put out by the business, the cooled air triggers the process of vasoconstriction. Blood is pulled into the body’s core where it gets highly oxygenated, and enriched with healing nutrients and enzymes. When the cooling process ends, the enriched blood rushes back to the peripheral tissues enhancing muscle recovery, reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, stimulating college production and increasing metabolism.

“Cryotherapy has made a positively profound effect on my everyday life….from easing my joint pain, elevating my mood, and even improving my sleep cycle,” said owner Glenn Sieverson. “Clients have expressed a wide range of benefits including decreased inflammation and reduced pain after working with their physical therapist or personal trainer.” 

Sieverson, who is a long-time area resident, decided to open the storefront in Andersonville because he knows how the neighborhood likes to support their local small business, especially fitness/health-oriented ones.

The Center has a ‘first-timer’ special rate and discounted multiple session packages. They offer whole body cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy, Cryofacials and NormaTec Pulse Compression.

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