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Foster Dog Beach Fence Repaired But Issues Remain

10380881_524026994300440_7351362391130174082_nAlderman Harry Osterman, who has been instrumental in working with the residents in getting the Foster dog beach fixed, has announced that the fence has been repaired. The Fence divides the dog area from the rest of the beach and was deteriorating.

It has been a hot topic in the neighborhood since EVB did our initial story a month ago. Dog owners were worried about safety and they needed to feel comfortable with their pooches off the leash. In addition, some of the beach goers on the other side were getting frustrated by the occasional dog that would wander outside the set boundaries.

Luckily, the Chicago Park District finished repairing the fence today and dogs can run free again without crossing over to the other side. The Alderman’s Chief of Staff, Dan Luna talked with EVB today. He was elated that they were able to get this accomplished. He said, ” We want to give special thanks to the Chicago Park District for working with our office so that all 48th ward residents can enjoy a day at the beach with their family and dogs”

With the shoreline receding and intense winters bashing ice onto the beach, it is understandable the amount of damage that a fence like this sustains. Many residents feel this is a project that needs upkeep every Spring in order to avoid injuries to both people and dogs in future years. Yet with the fence repair, the sand along the rock steps has still not been cleared back. Dogs can easily escape their confines and jump into harms way. We tried to contact the Park District about why the project was only half completed, but have gotten no response.

Rarely do I give an opinion, but all in all, this is not about a few irresponsible owners not picking up dog poop or people oddly freaking out about pooches swimming in the same water they are. It is about everyone being able to enjoy the beach on a warm summer day (with or without a dog) and feeling safe and relaxed.



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