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Documenting Edgewater: Photo Contest Acts As A Community Time Capsule

The winning photo by Eric DeSantis


What started out as a leisurely stroll with a friend has led to the first annual photo contest that showcases Edgewater life.

When John Holden and a visiting guest took a walk to the end of Hollywood pier, they found a spectacular sunset that prompted him to take a photo. When they took a peek at that shot, they were blown away at just how beautiful the camera captured Edgewater’s impressive skyline.

It was then that Holden realized how we sometimes take for granted just how amazing our picturesque community is. It was then that the idea developed to activate area residents to raise their cameras up and capture the beauty they see in front of themselves.

Holden took the idea to the Edgewater Historical Society (EHS), and through planning, the first annual photo contest was born. EHS loved the idea of locals documenting the community they live in, and that in turn would help them create a time capsule for the group for future generations.

“Edgewater’s skyline is so impressive, and it just sort of struck me how we take it for granted in certain regards, even though we love it and celebrate it,” said Holden. “The contest was started to showcase the community and draw it into the world of EHS a little bit more. But what we ended up with is a wonderful collection of images from 50 entrants.”

The 2017 photo contest’s theme was ‘Edgewater from the water’s edge’ and participants were asked to document life in the community anywhere along the lakefront, from Foster to Devon. The three selected winners, that were announced last Saturday at the Edgewater Art Fair,  won gift certificates from the Waterfront Cafe and Nacho Mamma’s Beach Bar.

The winning photo was a magical shot that revealed the Edgewater skyline rising above a mass of fog over the water by Eric DeSantis. The second place photo showcased the Hollywood pier framed by graffiti adorned metal by Mary Burrows. The third place photo caught lakefront paddle boarders from a high rise balcony by Ron Hayes. Besides the three winners, there were also ten runners up.

According to Holden, the timing of the contest comes at a point when EHS is planning a comprehensive timeline for a future exhibit that will create a unique historical document about the community. The winning photos will help supplement the upcoming project.

All the winning photographs are currently on display at the Edgewater Branch Library in the community room and at the Edgewater Historical Society. EHS is also looking at future venues to display the work.

If you missed out on the opportunity this year, don’t fret. They are already thinking of ideas for the second annual contest next year. To sign up for future EHS announcements, go to there website and find the link on the left hand of their website.


Second place photo by Mary Burrows


Third place photo by Ron Hayes

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