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Devon Shooting Victim Wil Lewis’ Wife Comments On The Tragedy, Scholarship Started

WilLewisIt was a normal afternoon day on Devon Ave. July 12 when the peace was shattered by violence that has become a regular occurrence in Edgewater. As Wil Lewis stood at a bus stop, he was the unintended target of a stray bullet that ended the life of this aspiring photographer. The community was shocked and quickly organized to protest the tragedy.

What some did not know was that his passing left a widow whose life changed forever. She left for a short trip to Wisconsin the weekend of the shooting. She came back to emptiness both in her house and heart. Since then she has been picking up the pieces. A memorial website was created to cover funeral expenses for Mr. Lewis and has currently raised over $18K.

The moving memorial site is full of messages that will truly touch anyone’s heart. In particular are those who never met Wil, but were truly impacted by the senseless death of a loved spouse. Wil Lewis’ wife Maria Lewis also makes emotional posts. She sadly writes, “I’ve been very busy with all those things related to death of a spouse. I constantly feel home sick without Wil – home was wherever Wil was. But I feel a little closer to Wil when I’m in Chicago because all of his belongings are here. I go and visit Wil at the bus bench often. Sometimes I sit against the building next to the last remaining bullet hole. I read the eulogies and nice things that have been said on Facebook. ”

originalIn another entry she spoke about their close relationship, “Wil and I were our own little team and did almost everything together. As creative partners in crime, we would embark on our silly adventures, often using covert operations and stealth to achieve our sneaky goals, like stealing abandoned kites from trees in the middle of the night. We would constantly make each other laugh at things I think that only we thought hilarious. ”

Ms. Lewis, through her grief, has decided to carry on her husband’s spirit and legacy by creating a website www.WILTOMAKE.com. The site is to raise awareness and scholarship funds for a  “kindred spirit” to attend Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). The site describes the recipient as “a talented artist that has had many obstacles to overcome in life. Someone that has worked hard and willrelentlessly pursue their dreams. Someone who has a love and passion for life and a heart to match. This scholarship will help initiate other works of art, works that Wil never got a chance to finish, all in support of a better education and better life ahead.”n>

On a personal note, all at Edgeville Buzz would like to express our deepest condolences to Wil’s wife and family. We also encourage everyone to visit the site and be part of a chance for someone to carry on Wil Lewis’ legacy.

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