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Dangerous Intersections. Your thoughts?


Berwyn/Clark Intersevtion

On Saturday, when I was at Starbuck’s, I was brought out of my caffeine buzz by a firetruck and a few police vehicles at the intersection of Berwyn and Clark in the heart of Andersonville. It looked as though an elderly woman accidentally started driving down the wrong way on Berwyn and swerved to miss hitting a car. She did avoid the vehicle but took out a metal bench, a sign and a pay box. Luckily, no one was hurt but it got me thinking how dangerous that intersection is. It is a corner where many pedestrians, increasing bicyclists and streets crowded with cars meet with only a stop sign keeping them from running into one another. This cross alone has many stories of people getting hit by cars including my own few close calls over the years. I do think that the “Stop for Pedestrian” signs in the middle of streets at crosswalks have worked very well but with population increasing in the neighborhood, accidents will arise.

So this is a question for the readers. What intersections do you feel are Edgewater’s/Andersonville’s worst? From your responses, I will compile a final poll in which I will present to officials. Please be brief in your responses. Thanks all and be careful this Holiday season.

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