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Andersonville May See Large-Scale Art Installations Pop Up Soon, ‘You Are Beautiful’


Image Eco-Andersonville Kickstarter camaign

Perhaps you have seen the You are beautiful stickers posted around the city or seen the large You are beautiful sign on south lake shore drive. If you are on social media you may have seen images tagged with #yabsticker.  All of theses art pieces began here in Chicago, but have now traveled around the world.

You Are Beautiful started off as 100 stickers in Chicago in 2002 and has transformed into public art installations, large-scale signs, multi-artist exhibitions and a huge community of people who believe in ‘making grand gestures in public spaces.’ The message is simply three words but the purpose behind them is powerful, “Grabbing strangers unexpectedly in the grind of their daily life, and unapologetically saying it’s ok to be human. From bathroom stalls, to locker rooms, street signs, to lamp posts, given with a tip a dinner, left on a bus seat, or in the back of a cab.”


Image Eco-Andersonville Kickstarter camaign

You are beautiful could be making it’s way to the neighborhood of Andersonville and currently has a live Kickstarter campaign with $2,925 out of $5,500 raised with less than a month to go. The artist behind the project is Matthew Hoffman and he runs and operates all of the installations himself out of a small space on the North side.

Hoffman is teaming up with Eco-Andersonville to try and make this installation come to fruition. There are currently four renderings of the potential spaces on the Kickstarter page. They have already begun to work with the property owners of the desired locations this past winter. Once the project is funded they will move forward with the four large-scale installations which will be placed onto fences in different parts of the neighborhood. Once the project is finished, they will try to repurpose as many of the art pieces into a new neighborhood in the city.

According to Eco-Andersonville, Mr. Hoffman will, “be bringing several of his grand-scale messages of positivity to the neighborhood, to both brighten your day and bring life to some of the underutilized spaces in our community.  We want to show that these spaces, once activated through public art, can become invaluable community assets that provide needed breaks in the urban fabric of the neighborhood and generate positive presence and interaction along our streets.”

Would you like to see these installations in the neighborhood?

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