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After CVS Employee Backlash, Witness Comes Forward With A Very Different Side Of The Story

After last Friday evening’s incident at the CVS store at 6150 N. Broadway in Edgewater, CVS corporate was in clean up mode putting out an apology and firing two store employees. Now a witness has come forward painting a very different side of the story.

It all started when Morry Matson and another employee at the CVS Pharmacy considered a coupon for a free product being used by customer Camilla Hudson was not valid. According to her, Matson eventually called the police and that is when she broke out her camera phone to record the incident. Police did come and Hudson did leave the store without incident.

However, Hudson decided to post the video on Facebook, calling out the CVS employees. The backlash was swift as the post went viral. Many branded the incident as insensitive, rude and even racially motivated. Hudson did say, “I never invaded his personal space. At no point was I yelling, using profanity, I was not disruptive beyond being a customer demanding, if you will, what I feel is an appropriate manner to address my concerns.”

However, another customer who was at the scene has a very different picture of the events that unfolded a week ago. Marquecia Jordan witnessed the whole situation.

“I was there looking for a snack, and suddenly I hear this woman yelling, she raised her voice, was yelling at the manager ‘Is this what you consider customer service?’” Jordan told the Sun-Times.  “I was very uncomfortable, the other customer that was standing there with me, she looked uncomfortable. It’s being reported that they called [police] because of a coupon, that’s just not it.”

Jordan said that Hudson was being very loud, refusing to leave and eventually followed Matson into the employee-only part of the store. According to Jordan she did not hear the initial conversation when the managers saw the coupon but said,”“when she followed the other manager through the store, being belligerent, I consider that harassment.”

Jordan feels the whole ordeal could have been handled much better but that Hudson went well over the line.

It was confirmed on Monday that both employees were terminated at the store. Matson, who was running for Alderman of the 48th Ward confirmed that he is now dropping out of the race for health reasons. A chapter of the LGBT Republican group Log Cabin Republicans, which  Matson was president, also terminated his leadership.


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