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Women And Children First Bookstore Sold, Mission Remains.

Locally owned bookstores have been on the decline. Technology and the digital world have become their competition. With readers buying digital publications from Amazon for their Kindles and iPads, bookstores have had to change their business model to keep their doors open. It isn’t easy for independent bookstores to thrive, let alone maintain a full staff.

Women and Children First which has served over thirty-five years in the Andersonville neighborhood has seemed to buck this trend. Now, the popular feminist bookstore has been sold by the original owners Linda Bubon and Ann Christophersen to their colleagues Lynn Mooney and Sarah Hollenbeck. The new owners will preserve the mission of the bookstore while making a few upgrades to the business in early 2015.  The staff and community are overjoyed with the handoff, and we can look forward to many more years of the business serving the neighborhood.


Women and Children First is nationally known as one of the largest feminist bookstores offering over 33,000 books by and about women. They have an overwhelming amount of books that are specifically geared towards communities on the margin such as LGBTQ people, persons of color, multi-dimensional families, those with disabilities and more.

The store went on the market in October 2013. There were several different offers on the table, but Linda and Ann took several months to make an intentional decision about who would be the most appropriate fit and maintain the integrity of Women and Children First. The deal was finalized in May with the announcement made public July 1st.

New owners Hollenbeck and Mooney are the perfect duo to take on the next chapter of the independent bookstore. They plan on making a few modifications to the design of the store, do more outreach and provide additional community events. Hollenbeck’s previous professional life is with several publishing groups and large bookstores (besides being a writer herself).  Mooney also worked in publishing and has been at Women and Children First for the last six years.

In a letter to the community Linda and Ann state, “The future won’t be easy. These are challenging times for brick-and-mortar stores as well as for print books. Please continue to support the store: buy books, come to programs, and be sure to bring your kids, parents, and friends! Together we have created-and will continue to create-this welcoming village that is so important to all of us who have decided to belong and help make it our own.”

Many thanks to Linda and Ann for opening one of the most influential bookstores in the country! The Andersonville community is honored to be your home!

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