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Hot Diggety Dog! Two Of Chicago’s Best Hot Dog Joints In Edgewater


The Proprietary Dog

Edgewater and Andersonville are known for their delicious dining options, with food from every corner of the world. Now Thrillist recently highlighted two of our neighborhood joints for having some of Chicago’s most delicious hot dogs. In the city that made the “Chicago-style-hot-dog” famous, we couldn’t be more proud to have both Cookies & Carnitas and Hoppin’ Hots in our very own backyard, handing out unique wieners that have made their way to the top of Thrillist’s Chicago’s Top 25  hot dog list!

Cookies & Carnitas is relatively new to Edgewater, but has been steadily building their raving fan base since they opened last winter. They are typically adored for their Mexican tacos and pork-fat infused cookies (you read that correctly, pork-fat infused cookies). However they have a delicious and rather large hot dog known as the Proprietary Dog that has made them famous for more than just their Mexican-infused food. The Proprietary Dog is garnished with a spicy Mexican pickle relish, mustard and a spicy tomato mayo (we will give them a pass as it’s not technically ketchup), all on an Italian bun. C & C is constantly bumping with patrons and is BYOB so you can enjoy your beverage of choice alongside your spicy (extra long) dog.


Hot dogs at Hoppin’ Hots

Hoppin’ Hots is a hot dog-specific spot and is the little sister to the well known brunch spot Over Easy, which is just a few blocks southwest of Andersonville. They specialize in hot dogs only and have more to choose from than one knows what to do with. There are over 10 options that all sound quite fancy for a typical do, all with different styles and assortments.  The toppings include duck confit, lavender-fennel aioli, fried eggs, pineapple relish,  dill pickle smear and pork teriyaki, almost all of which can be done vegetarian. Hot dogs are a plenty at Hoppin’ Hots, but make sure you get there early because they close nightly at 6 p.m.

Summertime means we get to indulge in some amazing summer eats that taste just a little better in 75 degree or warmer weather. Do yourself a favor and follow Thrillest’s advice and check out some of our local hot dogs that have so much more than just spicy mustard, onions and relish. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Chicago-style dog, but perhaps there is more to it than just “dragging it through the garden” and leaving the ketchup to the side.

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