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Hopleaf Bar Teams Up With Peirce School To Raise Funds For At-Risk Programs

HopleafCommunity support is good business, and the owners of Hopleaf Bar at 5148 N. Clark, Michael Roper and Louise Molnar, hope that other Andersonville businesses will follow their lead to support other community organizations in this time of dwindling dollars.

Helen C. Peirce School of International Studies located at 1423 W. Bryn Mawr is the home of about 1200 students from pre-K to eighth grade says principal Lori Zaimi. “Programs such as the arts, after school activities and technology are the first ones to be cut when funds are limited,”  Zaimi says.

According to Zaimi, each grade focuses on a particular type of art. First graders, for example, may work with the Raven Theatre. Fourth and fifth graders may work with dance. The older children may work with writers. Such programs would not be possible without the generous support of organizations such as Friends of Peirce which organized fundraisers over the past several years with businesses such as Hopleaf which believes in the Andersonville community so strongly.

Peirce Day at Hopleaf will take place on Sunday, May 1 from noon to 2 AM. There is no cover charge, and patrons need to be 21 or older. All gross receipts will be donated to Helen C. Peirce School excluding tax and tips. “The owners of Hopleaf have been very generous to us,” Ms. Zaimi says.

In a recent Friends of Peirce press release, they wrote, “Roper and Molnar decided to expand their involvement for a variety of reasons. It makes good business sense to invest in the community. By putting money into Peirce, the quality of life and that of Andersonville improves. A stronger school and community means folks will stay and enjoy all that Andersonville has to offer,” states Roper.

After seeing art, music and after school programs shrink, the Hopleaf owners felt they needed to get involved. Seven years ago they decided to open their doors to the school and help raise dollars through the “Kegs for Kids” and “Eggs for Kids” events that raised tens of thousands of dollars. “The school programs that have been cut, reduced or impacted in some way over the years are really important to shaping children’s lives in our opinions and worth our investing in,” continues Molnar.

Last October the Hopleaf created yet another fundraising platform, a dedicated Kegs for Kids Tap. Parents and friends of Peirce were able to sponsor a keg in advance and all revenue generated from that weekly keg is donated to Peirce. Roper discussed the new concept with Friends of Peirce president, Dave Tilson and his team as a fundraiser that could be done throughout the year. “It was a very viable program that provided Peirce with ongoing funding, as well as develop sustained traffic by the Peirce parent community – it is an incredible idea that Michael offered us,” said Tilson.”

On May 1 the entire community and its visitors can lend a hand to Peirce parents, teachers, staff and, most of all, to the students who cannot help but benefit from the support of the community and the opportunities funding can provide.

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