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Andersonville Store Falls Victim To Retail Scam After Woman Steals $2K In Merchandise

A new scam that is hitting the Chicago area has reached a retail store on the Andersonville strip. It resulted in a young woman walking out the door with over $2k in merchandise.

The young female, in her early 20s, walked into Turley Road at 5329 N. Clark last Thursday. She quickly talked up the employees and picked out the merchandise.

When she got to the register, she asked the cashier to punch in a code before she ran the credit card through the machine after providing a false story. The card was not declined and the sale went through – or so they thought.

What the code triggered is called a ‘force sale.’ A force transaction takes an existing authorization number obtained from an Auth Only transaction and forces the sale through so the merchant may receive those funds. Unused funds from an authorization are immediately freed for the customer to use. Though the sale seemed to go through, the machine was actually offline.

When the owner of the shop discovered the scam after the woman was already gone, she was extremely upset. They have since filed a police report and have handed over surveillance photos of the woman in their store to authorities. They have also posted images of the woman on the Turley Road Facebook page in hopes someone will recognize the suspect.

Turley Road owner Angela Turley said, “This was a professional. This is a grifter.”

According to CBSnews, the same woman hit the Lazy Dog Antique Shop in Lakeview back in January, scamming the store out of about $3,300.

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  • BJH

    And no video of the suspect? Time to get a security camera.

    • Edward Embach

      images posted on their FB page, check the link in story above

      • BJH

        Excellent. Thanks.

  • pinkypink

    I hate to say this, but not long ago my mom and I visited this store. As women of color we found it so uncomfortable that the sales associates seemed to be watching every move we made so we left. It’s ironic that they were taken down by this woman. Just sayin’

  • stephanie

    That would have been a red flag right then. Punch in a code? I work in retail, and would not have done that. Sorry to hear, that’s awful.

  • DWIN

    So you know how to work the card processor, and yet some unknown 20 something walks in, picks out thousands of dollars to in merchandise, and says oh, you need to do this in a special way that you’ve never heard of. When you could have filed a 1-800 number and cleared any transaction.
    When I was doing things, we called this “the greed card”. If someone thinks they got a fat profit, they aren’t trying to prove it wrong

  • A Dub

    That’s why our family business only excepts cash or money order. Customers always complain that our hardware store is old school, but we’re on our 3rd generation, so we must be doing something right. We used to take I.O.U.s but stopped in the late 80s

    • Mary Fazzios

      How do you buy something online with cash? How do you know the person paying you in cash didn’t steal the cash?
      How do you know that if you did except credit cards your sales would be double? Just because you have been in business for 3 generations doesn’t mean it’s because you don’t except credit cards. I’m going to carry around a pile of cash everytime I need something? What happens if I lose it or it get’s stolen. If a credit card is stolen I replace it and I don’t owe the money.

  • A Dub

    I once met a grifter at my cousin’s graduation party.

  • Mary Fazzios

    I’m confused by this story. A customer asks the employee to enter a force code and the employee did? That’s what happened??!? By the way, a force code can me obtained by the employee legitimately but why would the employee not call the card number?