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Edgewater Hospital Redevelopment Progress Updated, Timeline Announced

hospital-1The old Edgewater Medical Center (EMC) has seen significant progress in the past few month including demolition of structures such as the parking garage and the first few single family homes being built.

Local residents however, still had a few questions on their minds. A meeting last week conducted by West Edgewater Area Residents (WEAR) with EMC’s developer, MCZ, sought to answer some of those questions.

In a couple statements released by Alderman Patrick O’Connor last week, he talked about the latest developments.

All structures besides the main hospital building on Ashland should start being demolished this summer. Instead of using a wrecking ball, they will most likely use a jaw which is less invasive. The redevelopment should take about 14 months and they will start marketing units about six months out (though the developer cannot promise this).

According to the Alderman, the current owner has been very thoughtful in both design and development of the main hospital building facing Ashland. It was decided that not only will that building be repurposed, but the developer has committed millions  towards an ‘attractive and profitable venture.’

The repurposed main hospital building will in fact, be all rental properties. There will be nine studios, 100 one-bedrooms and 32 two-bedrooms. The property will include 78 spots (possibly 80) in a two-story parking garage with a bike rack area and electric car charging station.

The developer commented that the main building, which is ‘rock solid and built to institutional standards’ will be completely gutted leaving only the shell. Water still remains in the tunnels and rodents will need to be cleared. Their biggest hurdle currently is the asbestos removal which will be hauled away to city guidelines.

The Alderman also focused on the TIF funds established specifically for the EMC site by a City ordinance approved on October 1, 2003. Those funds were set up for the redevelopment of the site and ‘can be used any way which is in furtherance of the redevelopment of the site.’

However the TIF can not be used towards the vertical building and has not been used on any of the homes currently being built. O’Connor said, “TIF dollars will only be used to buy the property which will become the park, and TIF dollars will be spent to develop the park space by the Chicago Park District.”

The park district is currently developing plans for the .89 acre park which will be adjacent to the EMC development. O’Connor added, “In accordance with previously discussed preferences with the neighborhood, the designs will be predominantly passive park designs, without ball fields, basketball courts, skate parks, etc.”

MCZ has promised 24 hour security during both the demolition and construction. During the meeting the developer reminded everyone that, “it is not going to be clean and quiet, but MCZ will mitigate dust and noise as much as possible.”

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