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Edgewater Cars With Stolen Tires Left Balancing On Blocks, Hondas At High Risk

car-wheels-1Many Edgewater residents are starting their daily routines only to find that they are a victim to a theft. Several cars in the area have recently been left balancing on blocks with all four tires and rims stolen.

Because these parts can go onto the black market for a fraction of the price that someone else would pay at a storefront business, thieves are finding the stolen wheels a lucrative business.

Though this is not a new trend, it does seem to be on an upswing in the area as reports of thefts are increasing recently. With many of the thieves able to steal all four wheels in under five minutes, most law enforcement recommend that people buy locking lug nuts. These should help deter many of the criminals, but some are still finding a way around the locks.

car-wheels-2According to a 2015 story done in Crain’s, Hondas are heavily targeted because their parts are interchangeable. For instance, tires that are found on a Honda Fit can also work on a a Honda Civic. On top of that, the vehicles are widely popular, so there is an increased need for the parts.

This is consistent with two recent thefts in the area shown in the photos: a Honda Civic on the 5200 block of Lakewood Ave. and a Honda Accord on the 5400 block of Winthrop Ave. In other words, if there is a demand and and a supply, people could take advantage of it.

However, all cars can be at risk including SUVs. Newer tires, larger tires and fancier rims all make desirable targets for these criminals.

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