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Broadway Antique Market And Wooly Mammoth Among Top Vintage Shops By Chicagoist

Receiving many placements in Chicago’s top 10 lists, we can add yet a couple more. In a story by Chicagoist.com, both Broadway Antique Market in Edgewater and Wooly Mammoth in Andersonville made the list which only consisted of seven spots.

2014_5_28_BAMStarted in 2004 by Chuck Sudo, Chicagoist.com has become one of the most read and diversified blogs in Chicago. So the fact that they named both shops as top in Chicago is a great honor. The truth is, our neighborhood holds its own and has great options. There is the N. Broadway corridor which includes Broadway Antique Market and Edgewater Antique Mall, both of which contain awesome selections for every taste. In Andersonville you will find not only vintage stores such as Wooly Mammoth, but also repurposed and refinished specialty shops such as Brimfield, Scout and White Attic.

Lisa White of Chicagoist talks about Broadway Antique Market (BAM), “There is a ton of variety but the one thing I’ve found consistent that I appreciate is everything in the store is exceptional quality. From the furniture to the wonderful display of bakelite, everything I’ve found at BAM is in excellent condition for vintage merchandise. I love being able to dig through old photographs, buy a pair of mint condition pumps from the 60s, marvel at the amazing costume jewelry collections and daydream about being able to afford the marvelous designer furniture. If you love a good dose of kitsch, BAM serves up a lot of that as well.”

Located at 6130 N Broadway, the huge space at BAM showcases a diversified selection of every kind. It is easy to get lost in the vintage chic of it all. Owner Danny Alias took a chance back in 1998 as he moved from Lakeview to his current Edgewater home, “We listened to our customers and they wanted more (sellers). We found our current Edgewater building, which was supposed to be torn down, and we fell in love with it. It may have been dumb luck, but we took a chance and it paid off.” That chance paved the way for future vintage stores as they saw the N. Broadway corridor transform with new construction, new restaurants and new neighbors.

Mr. Alias has learned you must be fresh in this business to remain current with vintage trends. Every 18 months the store changes in order to give the buyer an updated experience.

woollyexterior1Andersonville also has its own flavor when it comes to vintage, and Wooly Mammoth sets the bar with its kitschy fun. Chicagoist’s Erika Kubick says, “Chicagoans with a knack for all things creepy should know about the treasure trove that is Wooly Mammoth in Andersonville. The prices at this oddity shop are a little steep, but it has some of the best vintage taxidermy in the city among other gems. The cabinet of curiosities has everything from a key chain with a figure of a see-through pregnant belly to a fully-grown stuffed giraffe.”

Located at 1513 W. Foster, Wooly Mammoth is like nothing else in Chicago. Owners Adam and Skye describe the store as,  “an expanded collection of two history and adventure-loving artists who view their shop as an ever changing and expanding art installation. The best part of the job is the hunt. Auctions, Attics, Basements, Barns….anywhere treasures are to be found, we are there!”  Though not very big, it is jam packed with unique finds to truly get your freaky on. It is that kind of store that every community needs to stay funky and cool.

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