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As Andersonville Pledges To Keep Local Business Strong, Two Area Stores Reach Milestone Anniversaries

The Coffee Studio & The Wooden Spoon Storefronts.

The Andersonville neighborhood has taken on the ‘local first’ movement head-on through the years, promoting its small businesses in order for them to compete with corporate chain stores. Now the growing threat from on-line retailers such as Amazon on mom and pop stores gives the community a fresh challenge.

The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce recently answered the call with the new #AlwaysAndersonville campaign which asks residents to take a pledge to support local brick-and-mortar businesses in the area during the Holiday season and beyond in order to help boost sales. In addition, Andersonville has launched a series of special events for the Holiday season to draw shoppers and diners to the strip.

“Customers and businesses continuously choose Andersonville because of its unique offerings,” said Sara Dinges, Executive Director of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce. “The special experience of walking, shopping, dining and playing in Andersonville – frankly, Amazon can’t deliver that to your doorstep.  But we still need everyone to think twice as they one-click-purchase, because when given the choice – supporting a small, local business in Andersonville is what keeps our community special.”

Even though it is sad to see some of our favorite local businesses close, others find ways of keeping their sales strong by keeping an eye on competition and finding fresh ways to showcase their goods and services. Two such local shops are among many in the area succeeding as they reach milestone anniversaries with The Coffee Studio celebrating 10 years in business and The Wooden Spoon celebrating 15 years this week.

The Coffee Studio at 5628 N Clark has capitalized on their obsession with great coffee and tea in a unique, comfortable environment. Owner Lee Corrina Cano feels that finding the right employees who know their product while providing a ‘friendly and authentic’ experience is paramount. She also feels that that keeping their edge means thoughtful marketing.

It’s sort of hard to believe it’s been ten years since we opened our doors with the uncertainty of how our idea would be received,” said Corrina Cano. “It’s one thing to say ‘if you build it, they will come’, but of course there really is no guarantee. Recently, we’ve been focusing more on marketing/telling our story more than we have in the past, as there is more and more competition out there and it’s easy to be forgotten or taken for granted.”

The Wooden Spoon at 5047 N Clark has been offering the neighborhood kitchen products and cooking classes since 2002. Co-Owner Sean Sheridan admits that the number of small businesses in the area have slowly shrunk. However, their store has found unique ways to bring customers through their doors such as annual sharpening with the purchase of a knife, offering perks through their Silver Spoon Club and collaborating with other local shops.

Our customers are the reason we are able to celebrate opening our doors 15 years ago,” said Sheridan. “They make it possible for us to open the door that day and each day after. We strive to go above and beyond to make them happy and entertained with well-stocked kitchens and great recipes to cook in them.”

A 2004 study by the Andersonville Development Corporation with the support of The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce found that a dollar spent in a local business goes much further than a dollar spent in a chain store. The Chamber’s Dinges believes that Andersonville’s small businesses will continue to enrich the community, “Our businesses help strengthen schools, improve public safety and boost the local tax base and economy. That’s why we advocate to keep Andersonville local and independent – we know it makes a positive difference.”


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