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Alderman Osterman Gives Passionate Speech Condemning Trump’s Decision To End DACA

City Clerk video capture.

Alderman Harry Osterman was among top Chicago Officials who spoke up in defense of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) while condemning Donald Trump’s decision to phase out the program.

DACA took center stage at Chicago’s City Council meeting on Wednesday as the mayor and Aldermen spoke up against what they feel was an ‘unfair’ and ‘racist’ move by our current president. One by one, appointed city officials gave bold and passionate speeches that effect many residents which who they serve.

“All (Donald Tump) has done is choose to divide us. There was no imminent issue, he did it for political reasons. He did it for racial reasons. He did it so he can show people he is doing something when he is actually not doing anything,” said Alderman Osterman when it came his turn to speak. “It is for us to constantly resist his efforts and talk about it.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel continued to reassure children, also known as ‘Dreamers,’ effected by the DACA decision that they are safe in Chicago. He reiterated that those undocumented students will be able to continue working and going to school here without any ‘sense of increased vulnerability.’

“It is important for us and our communities to tell those families that we will support them because they are a part of Chicago and they should not be isolated,” Osterman added. “I am proud we are doing this today because it is important for all of us. It is up to us to continue to bring everyone together and stay together.”

The Mayor and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) both said they were promised by Trump in a December, 2016 meeting that he would continue the DACA program and protect the children it encompasses.

With current DACA permits expiring March 5 of 2018, the Trump administration has said it will not process any new 2-year permits unless congress makes the program law. If they fail to do so, deportations will commence in only six months.

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