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5 reasons (not) to live in Andersonville

Recently posted here on Live Here Chicago:

1) Local neighborhoody flavor. With all the independent stores and restaurants, Andersonville has a flavor that’s all it’s own.
2) It’s expensive, but not outrageous. At least not for the North Side of Chicago. Your housing dollars will go a little further here, and thanks to the recent real estate slide, you might even be able to snag yourself a good deal.
3) Home decor shopping Mecca of Chicago. We’re not really sure how this one happened because five years ago there was one furniture store and that was the only game in town. Now you’ve got everything from
Urbanest to Scout along Clark Street.
4) Welcomes all people. Andersonville has an open and welcoming vibe. Several of the shops and bars are geared to the neighborhood’s gay and lesbian residents and it’s the kind of area where everyone is welcome from the few remaining Swedish immigrants to young professionals and families.
5) Not overly crowded. Andersonville is one of those rare neighborhoods on the North Side and close to the lake where you can still find parking on the street and get into a good number of restaurants without a reservation.

and the 5 reasons not to live in Andersonville, also from Live Here Chicago

1) It’s far. Relative to living in Lincoln Park or even parts of Lakeview, Andersonville can seem like it’s miles from all the action. And if you end up living in West Andersonville, just past Ashland, it’s likely to feel even farther, especially if you’re walking to the El and riding downtown every day.
2) It’s small. Relative to the endless dining and shopping options in larger neighborhoods, the eight or so blocks along Clark Street could get a little old after a while.
3) It’s expensive. No,we’re not schitzo. Yes, yesterday we said it’s not crazy expensive. But
depending on where you’re coming from, you might find Aville’s $350k two bedrooms a little too rich for your blood.
4) Some parts are sketchy. When the neighborhood gets closer to Broadway, all bets are off. The retail isn’t great and some of the nut jobs from the surrounding areas bleed over and have been known to commit a crime or two.
5) Commuting to the burbs is a beast. Going west to get on the highway to go to the Northern burbs takes an eternity and the haul out to the Western burbs via I-290 is bearable in the a.m. but slit-your-wrists brutal in the p.m.

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