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The Annual LEGO® Window Display At ‘Toys et Cetera’ Is Here!

lego window 1Confess.  Toys still warm your heart.  Well, peek in the window and get a dose of feel-good at toys et cetera. The annual LEGO® window display is up!  Michael Waterbrook, store manager of the Andersonville location, has been organizing the LEGO® window display for six years running.

This year at toys et cetera, you will see 46 creations by 51 participants who range from 2 to 45 years old.  Mike tells us, “The reason there are more participants than creations is because some of the creations are made by more than one person.  For example, we have a brother and sister team create a ‘Mythical Creature Zoo.’  We have a whole family, including parents, work together to create a piece called ‘Lego Pet Park.’ Also two brothers, ages 7 and 17, worked together to create ‘The Hideout.’”

The display is not a competition; it is a way for the kids and adults to express their imaginative side.  Each creation is meant to be original and fun.   LEGO® kits can be used as inspirations, but must be Lego window 2modified to create an original design to be considered for the display. There is no age limit.  For the moment, there is no size restriction because they are usually small creations.  Yet, one of this year’s highlights is a 5½-foot tower created by 45-year-old Ben whose contributions span three years.  “I think many people are surprised to find LEGO® creations in our windows by adults, but our hope is that kids are inspired by their works, and realize that they don’t have to give up playing by a certain age,” says Mike.

Mike loves working at the toyshop because of the freedom owner Nancy Spanek gives him to organize community events.  The neighborhood children helped decorate the large flowerpot outside the store.  Arts and crafts, along with the Spirograph are some of their most popular toys. The store will offer arts and crafts sessions this summer and a music group on Tuesdays.   toys et cetera is one of three stores located in Andersonville, Lincoln Park, and Hyde Park.  The Andersonville location is at 5311 N. Clark. The window display is up through June 15.

LEGO® means, “play well.” The ever so popular toy’s meaning comes from two Danish abbreviated words “leg godt.” The amazing number of entries reflects the unity of families in the neighborhood, the children and adults who play well. “Let’s cut to the chase, what we’re doing here, with this window, is saving lives,” Mike concludes.  When asked to elaborate he said, “I just wanted to see what kind of reaction I would get,” with a playful laugh.

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