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Andersonville’s White Attic Closing, Encourages Local Business Support

WhiteAttic2On the North facing windows of Andersonville’s White Attic are signs displaying a ‘40% Sale’ while on the West facing windows are a 2-page open letter addressed to the community about the store’s closing at the end of the month. The letter is a warm one. A simple and kind explanation as to why the store has decided to close their doors at the end of November and a well wish to those in the neighborhood to keep supporting local.

White Attic has sold high end refinished vintage furniture since 2004. Each piece in the store has been stripped and redone by hand by the White Attic team, without using any toxins or strippers. Alongside their furniture is the ‘Lamp Bar‘ which allows customers to customize lamp bases, colors and fabrics. The store often displays work from local artists and always has some of the most amazing candles I have ever smelled in my life!

The open letter to the neighborhood reiterates that the store has been open for 10 years and has always been supportive of other local businesses and felt a part of a strong group of independent boutiques in the community. Their intentions were always to contribute to the diversity of a unique neighborhood that has so many buying opportunities from local businesses. Yet there have been challenging ups and downs that come with owning a local business in a competitive market where online sales dominate. The statement acknowledges that social media outlets and the internet have made some things better as well as difficult for a brick-and-mortar business to thrive. As such, the time has come for White Attic to close their location at 5225 N Clark.

Perhaps the most touching part of the letter is it’s closing in which owner Terry Ledford encourages members of the Andersonville neighborhood to support our local businesses at every given opportunity.

Terry said, “Continue to love the Andersonville community. And care for it. Support your small local businesses. Shop Scout, Brimfield, Brownstone Antiques, Room Service, Roost, Found Vintage Living…they are all GREAT vintage stores. Buy books from Women’s and Children’s First. Pick up all of your greeting cards and get your items framed at Four Sided. Eat the pancakes at Bongo Room. Work out at Cheetah Gym. Get that eye exam and buy your next pair of glasses at Visionary. Have a drink at Marty’s. Try the Glogg at Simon’s. A burger at Hamburger Mary’s. Sit by the fire in the library at Lady Gregory’s. Have a bite at Vincent. Take a stroll through the Swedish Heritage Museum. Consider the countless dentist offices for your next teeth cleaning. Buy your pooch a winter coat from Jameson Loves Danger. These are all things I have done. And, will continue to do. Because I love this neighborhood.”

As we enter into the holiday season, one can take White Attic’s closing to be a gentle reminder of the importance of diversifying our spending to help keep our local businesses thriving.


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