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Whole Foods Eyeing Edgewater/Andersonville

5820-26 N Clark, Formerly Ace Hardware. Credit: Loopnet

5820-26 N Clark, Formerly Ace Hardware. Credit: Loopnet

Natural and organic food retailer Whole Foods has expressed an interest in the former Ace Hardware

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  • diana

    I like Whole Foods, but is that across from Gethsemane? That part of Clark will be a total clusterf**k if this becomes a reality.

    • Brian Morrissey

      I think they’d definitely need some sort of transportation management plan to avoid the kind of BS that the corner of School and Ashland is.

  • Kristen

    I would be unspeakably happy if there was a Whole Foods in the neighborhood!

  • mike_thoms

    You know what would be great…tear down the f’ing EMC and put up a whole foods there with a real parking lot! How can you have a Whole Foods with that tiny parking lot, unless there are other buildings on that block to also demolish.

    • duppie

      I would expect that they raze the existing building, build a ground level store with a multi-level parking deck on top (or below it). Much like any other new grocery store in the city is built nowadays

      I really doubt they look at having surface parking. That is way too expensive these days

      • mike_thoms

        I still feel like that lot is too small for something like this, even with a multi-level garage. And what kind of nightmare does it create with Gethsemane.

  • gilla

    Sounds ideal……..just so long as parking is adequate

  • duppie

    The entire lot size is only 19,000 sf. The average Wholefoods today is around double that size, I believe. Will be interesting to see how they will make that work, if at all.

  • Jackie

    Leave the planning to the planners…a Whole Foods would be hot in this area. North A-Ville is looking up! (Now how about someone solving the funky old Carson’s Ribs eyesore.

    • duppie

      Whole Foods looked at the Carson Ribs lot as well but decided against it, I am not sure as to why. However it’s clear that Whole Foods is actively scouting for a location in the Andersonville area.

  • Rebecca Andersonville


  • dennis

    Traders Joe would be better

  • Guest

    I’d prefer Trader Joes. Better prices, good stuff.

  • Anne-Marie Keswick

    I’d much prefer a Trader Joes in Andersonville. Better prices and good stuff.

    • TraderSchmo

      Everybody needs to get off the Trader Joe’s bandwagon here. They’re opening a store on Chicago Ave in Evanston. They’re not going to open stores that close to one another. Whole Foods is too expensive anyway. Whole Foods shouldn’t be shoehorned into a non-yuppie area.

  • Michael

    Yes please!!!

  • Jackie L. Tajiri

    I would prefer Trader Joe’s.

    • Chris

      Let’s seek both!

  • MG

    I would like Whole Foods or Trader’s Joe, or another non-chain organic food store in our area.

  • Johanna

    I don’t want the Whole Foods’ owner anywhere near Andersonville. He denies climate change and is against Obamacare. What a jerk. And look up the produce he provides that is generated by GMOs…. Whole Foods has seen its day. At least let’s try for a Trader Joe’s. They are honest, identify everything, and are fairly priced. Otherwise, let’s all pool our cash and buy the place….it’s affordable. Imagine the possibilities!

    • duppie

      Can you provide any links regarding the GMO-produce that Wholefoods allegedly sells?

      • lhr

        also I am no so sure TJ’s is non GMO .lots of speculation about that …..

    • Johanna

      I received a request for verification about the GMO identification…please read below…the identification of GMO foods won’t happen until 2018!!!!


    • Chris

      I understand that the positions the CEO takes on issues may affect how each of us may feel toward the stores, but I believe many of the employees and customers share a different perspective. Those employees and customers would greatly benefit from jobs and an additional store in the community. A thriving business in our neighborhood would be a huge benefit to an empty building.

  • ee

    is this another April Fools joke but in June?

  • I’d rather see a Trader Joes go in there. If any name store moves in, parking and traffic are going to be problematic. These are good problems to have, though. We’re not that far gone from the Great Recession. I’d rather fret about businesses moving in than shutting down.

    • NoName

      Trader Joe’s is set to open in south Evanston in a week or so. They’re not going to put two that close together.

  • Ron Roque

    How about ANYTHING–Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods going into the empty funeral home area on Broadway & Foster? Perfect location with parking. Can this area look like the rent we pay or should it stay broken down like it is? Really.

  • Samantha Witthuhn

    Whole Foods? Trader Joes? Anything is better than an abandoned building!