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New Edgewater Art Initiative Seeking Area Properties To Showcase Vibrant Murals

Photo: Robyn Lytle

A new Edgewater art initiative has started to produce vibrant art installations on the faces of normally bland walls across the neighborhood.

The organizers of the initiative, Michelle and Robyn Lytle of the Lytle House (5517 N. Broadway), started the project to help beautify the area with eye-catching murals. Once the location is selected, the artworks are then produced in order to inspire the community.

Robyn Lytle’s latest piece went up recently on the side of Pasteur restaurant at 5525 N. Broadway. It depicts the Peanuts characters Charlie Brown and Linus with a thoughtful caption reading “I believe in you.” Other works include a bold red heart adorned with blue birds and a Banner reading “Edgewater” tattooed on the side of the Red line and a giant pop art piece with Dolly Parton’s face in front of their business.

According to Robyn Lytle however, their biggest obstacle is finding property owners to donate their walls for the pieces. With the limitation of finding locations within the boundaries of Clark to Sheridan and Bryn Mawr to Foster, they have been actively seeking out spaces that would be a perfect fit for the murals.

“We don’t just want these to be on the busier roads but also hidden in alleys through the side streets among the families and community,” said Robyn Lytle. “Edgewater has so many amazing qualities. We hope that this initiative will just add to that by covering the area in art that everyone can enjoy and that brings a smile to their face.”

Since putting up the first Dolly mural, the Lytles say that the community has been incredibly supportive of the artworks. They say that endless photos have been taken of the artwork as people sometimes pose or even dance in front of the murals.

“When I helped set up and finalize placement of the last two murals, we had people stopping every two minutes or so to thank us and ask questions,” Robyn Lytle added.¬†“It’s such a great feeling to be able to create something that gets that reaction. It gives you such a strong sense of community.”

The initiative is hoping to add at least five more murals by year’s end. The pieces do not cost anything for the property owner and the initiative will conduct any necessary touch ups that are needed over time. If you are interested in submitting your property for consideration, please do so by September 25 for installation in 2019 by clicking here.

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