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Greenest House in Andersonville Could Be Demolished

Paulina&BalmoralSitting at the southwest corner of Balmoral and Paulina, is a newly renovated modern house that sits empty on a fairly large sized lot. As I stroll by the property on my dog-walks pretty regularly, I started asking around to see if people knew why it has stood vacant for the last few years. The home looks to be a beautiful one from the outside. While there are a few things that still need to be completed on the property (a piece of siding falling off, a not-quite complete fence), the place looks as though it has a great deal of promise… and yet it has been empty since 2009.  

A few years ago, the four bedroom property was the talk of the hood. The house was a classic turn of the century farmhouse and went under ‘green’ construction promising to be a state-of-the-art modern single family home in a perfect location. It sold in February of 2009 for $648,000 and the buyer at the time did a huge overhaul and renovation from the ground up.

The house contains many eco bonuses such as open-cell spray foam insulation,  top of the line Pella Impervia windows, radiant floor heating with a tankless water heater and efficient split-system air conditioning. It was also recognized as the oldest house in the U.S. to rise to LEED-Silver building standards. 

After the eco-remodel, the owner attempted to sell the property for $1.69 million. But the property stood still without so much as a bid, until a new agent listed it for $950,000 in October of 2014. Though having an unfinished basement and attic and in need of some final finishes, it did sell to a new owner just in early to mid December, 2014.

Now, According to the Chicago Cityscape website, an application for the property at 5354 N Paulina was approved for ‘wreck and remove of an existing frame house and garage’ on December 17, 2014. While there is no visible signage of any demolition or construction on the outside of the building, it appears as though what was intended to be the greenest house in Andersonville, is now simply a vacant home in jeopardy of being demolished.

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