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New Andersonville Shop Takes The Typical Corner Store To The Next Level

With hundreds of tiny convenience stores quietly nestled along neighborhood streets throughout  Chicago, a new bodega has emerged in Andersonville to challenge the idea of quick grab and go shopping.

New York style bodegas are the inspiration for a fresh Andersonville storefront called Ándele which has taken over the old vintage clothing store Tilly at 5232 N Clark.

The word andalé (pronounced ahn-dah-leh) means “let’s go” in Spanish. And unlike the usual corner store that sell vast loads of chips, cigarettes and lottery tickets, this shop will provide a more thoughtful assortment of curated products for its customers.

Owner Mia Sakai, who was born in California and raised in New York, is a design aficionado who believes that creativity is best used to solve problems. With the help of her husband Tim Hannifan, she is building her brand with a unique concept utilizing both convenience and practicality.

Like any corner store,  Andalé will be stocked with food and drink items for those on the go. Here however, customers will find a larger assortment of healthier all natural products. But don’t be fooled, you can still grab a Diet Coke to compliment your gluten-free or paleo snacks.

“Think of it as a bodega with swag and pizzazz,” said Sakai. “Bodegas are such a big part of everyday life in New York because you go into them several times a day for a soda, a roll of toilet paper, or something for your pet. That’s essentially what we are trying to do but offer more conscious products.”

Ándele owners Mia & Tim

The store is a small, narrow space that offers what Sakai calls the perfect slice of a shop. It allows the ability to be very thoughtful about the selection of products and the design of the store to maximize space. The store has been gutted offering a bright, simple floor plan that showcases all its inventory clearly.

They stock both local and imported products. One item offered for instance is a Chicago-based carbonated water called Seasons Sparkling which has been a big hit at local farmer’s markets. The  brand offers herb-infused drinks with flavors such as lemon-elder flower and grapefruit-rose.

“I’m mostly a California girl and I feel like the products and vibe is mostly that,” Sakai added. “But even though I am from New York and California, I hope to provide something that feels uniquely Chicago too. Where I come may influence what the shop is but really this is something for the community.”

Outside of food items, Ándele carries a wide-range of carefully selected goods including products for household cleaning, toiletries, and even your pet. One imported brand from England’s Northfolk Natural Living offers a complete line of all-natural cleaning products including a unique denim refresh spray to tidy up the fabric between washes.

Though the shelves are lined with specialty products, Sakai does not want to be misconstrued as an expensive, high-end store. She feels that being thoughtful and conscious about the products we buy does not mean it has to be unattainable.

“You can come into the shop and buy something for two dollars,” Sakai explained. “I don’t want the products to be out-of-reach for people so they can use them on a daily capacity. We really want to be a part of the neighborhood where you can come in for a drink, a birthday card, or pick up some great pasta for dinner.”

In the near future Sakai hopes to add grab-and-go food options such as artisanal sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Currently Ándele is opened everyday from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., closed on Tuesdays. Once the summer comes, they hope to extend the hours.

You can visit them at andalemarket.com, or by visiting them on Instgram.







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