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Edgewater Medical Center Site Gets Big Design Changes But Zoning Committee Has Yet To Approve

New Edgewater Medical Center Complex Design

It has been an uphill battle for the developers of the old Edgewater Medical Center site (MCZ Development) but things recently started moving in their favor. However after submitting new design changes for the complex, the City Council’s Zoning Committee failed to put a vote on their agenda last week to move the project forward.

A photo of the complex with an updated design made its way onto the Twitter account of the City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development. They announced that the Commission approved the amended plans for the former Edgewater Hospital at 5700 N. Ashland which will up the number of residential units from 141 to 155 and lower the parking count from 78 spaces to 74 spaces.

In the photo the building takes on a more modern look with darker brick and includes additional  terraces. The new design is a big departure from the original rendering and eliminates the ornamental features on the upper two floors. The ground floor of the building has also been reconfigured.

Original EMC Redevelopment Design

Unfortunately the City Council’s Zoning Committee has proved to be a difficult hurdle for the development. According to therealdeal.com, MCZ secured a $26.7 million loan for the development from Heartland Bank & Trust earlier this year. The Zoning Committee was supposed to hear a request in February for a zoning change that would be necessary to increase the number of rental units to 155, however the vote was postponed for a later date.

According to sources, the zoning committee was once again supposed to vote on the Edgewater Medical Center development’s zoning change last week. For reasons unknown, the item never made it onto the committee’s agenda.

Since first news of the development was announced almost four years ago, delays have continually plagued the site. In 2017, asbestos was found in the building and residents began to have doubts that removal was properly done.  Then back in 2018, Alderman O’Connor put out an announcement saying that the development was pushed back 300 days because residents were calling the IEPA and Chicago’s environmental departments alleging toxic or hazardous conditions. However those issues were never found and no citations were handed out.

There has been no word as to when the committee will vote on the zoning change. Both Alderman O’Connor and MCZ were unavailable for comment.

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