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PRIDE To Draw 750,000, Police Issue Warnings. What to Expect?

Pride festivities have been going on all this past week around Chicago and the community is all geared up and ready to cheer along for the 45th annual Pride Parade this upcoming Sunday. Each year, Chicago Pride has brought in thousands of people visiting from around the midwest and beyond to partake in celebrating the LGBTQ community through street festivals, an ever-growing parade full of floats, dyke march, Pride fest, get-downs on the beach, corporate sponsored parties, boat rides along the lake, and many more activities planned in every neighborhood for the masses of people who have come to support our community.

shutterstock_560686310Here are some things to expect for the Pride Parade 2014…

  • Rainbow tutu’s worn by many
  • Make-out sessions of various couplings out on the street and sometimes in the alleys
  • Sticky floors that will glue your feet to the floor at every restaurant and bar along Halsted
  • People peeing in alleys
  • Rainbow beads, socks, shirts, bandanas, and every other type of accessory you can place on your physical body
  • Families representing all aspects of the LGBTQAI rainbow (that’s right, our acronym is growing – look it up)
  • Unicorns…. lots and lots of unicorns
  • Chicago Police personnel on horses who are not amused with our shenanigans
  • Barely clothed mid-western people who have traveled far and wide and waited all year to wear minimal clothing on this day
  • People sitting on tops of porta potty’s
  • Not being able to find a cab, bus, or any other type of transportation to get you anywhere else in the city (therefore ride your bike or walk)
  • Lots and lots and lots of men’s bikini bottoms
  • Supportive parents, uncles, cousins, kids, and allies all around
  • Floats full of people who have no idea why they are in the Pride parade but got invited by a friend of a friend who works for yada yada company and is excited to participate
  • Local political officials wanting to secure your vote
  • Miller Lite sponsorship EVERYWHERE
  • Waiting outside in lines for the clubs along Belmont and Halsted to get inside to keep the party going, at 2pm during the day
  • A few group of angry (usually religious) groups that do not support the evil ways of the LGBTQ community

WARNING! The Chicago Police Department and city officials have made many announcements that this year they will be actively be monitoring patrons to ensure no one is drinking on the streets. They will be cracking down on rooftop parties and balconies in which people are having too much fun. Lakeview residents have been vocal about how every year there has been an increase in people, foot traffic, public urination, partying in and around their properties, public intoxication, and a ridiculous amount of trash and debris left strewn around the neighborhoods. While the accidents and offenses that have taken place over the years have been minor, the city wants to keep the event safe given how popular the event has become as one of the biggest Pride festivals in the world.  Alderman James Cappleman, of the 46th Ward has let residents know that the event should be a safe one, with limited accidents or incidents.  The parade will begin at Montrose Avenue and Broadway in Uptown, make a loop around Halsted and end near the intersection of Diversey Parkway and Sheridan Road in Lincoln Park.PrideLove

Where and how will you be celebrating pride this year? I am especially hoping for the human walking balloon montage that spelled LOVE that appeared in last year’s parade. Because after all, isn’t that what we are celebrating?


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