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New Lesbian Dating Webseries Set In Andersonville

Dating in the age of social media has turned some of our intimate and flirtatious attempts into a swipe of a finger, a double tap to ‘like’ someone’s image, a request to be friends, a follow on a new platform, or a #hashtag below someone’s content. Social media and technology have changed the dating ways of the world and this couldn’t be more true within the LGBTQ communities. The new webseries #Hashtag is one season complete of short films that explores just that —  lesbian dating in the time of social media and the many dramatic stipulations that come with it.

Filmed in Andersonville, the show follows two best friends and their journeys through love. Infatuated with technology platforms, the girls live and breathe through their user identities on multiple networks. This makes for a hilarious sequence of events about what it means to lurk for love not just in the real world, but in and around technology and its multiple outlets.

Hashtag-PhotoPromo4 The two main characters, Laura Zak and Caitlin Bergh, previously lived in Andersonville for several years and used their personal experiences as well as stories from others to write the series. Andersonville has a small community feel but is located in one of the nation’s biggest cities with a large lesbian population. It isn’t uncommon to run into ex-girlfriends, previous people you flirted with, friends of an ex or girls from the past. And it could happen anywhere from lesbian bars, local parties, or awkwardly at one of your friend’s dinner parties. The lesbian circle can sometimes feel small and too interconnected and this show highlights just that. For any lesbian who has lived or currently lives in Chicago, #Hashtag is worth watching.

There are currently only 5 five episodes available for viewing, but the show will have nine episodes set to come out in either late fall or early winter of this year. The show is produced by a subscription-based network, Tello Films. Tello Films promotes series that have a lesbian focus and show the diversity of the lesbian community.

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