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Mayor Pax The Goat Leads Bi-paw-tisan Effort To Raise Needed Funds For Edgewater Dog Park

It was a record breaking year with rain that has pushed Lake Michigan to its highest level in decades. With increased problems due to area flooding, the newly built Edgewater Dog Park at Bryn Mawr and the Lakefront Trail has found itself in need of critical repairs in order to keep it functioning properly for neighborhood pooches.

After hearing that call for help, the community’s newest elected official got to work. Edgewater Pet Mayor Pax the Goat decided to reach across the political species divide in a bi-paw-tisan effort to help out neighborhood canines. A move that will hopefully inspire politicians in the human world to keep making positive impacts for the people they serve.

Mayor Pax the Goat earned the title after he and five animal friends (four spirited dogs and a lovely cat) raised just under $20K for Care For Real’s Pet Pantry. That fundraising effort will fund the organization’s pet program for well over a year.

But Mayoral duties continue and when Pax the Goat’s humans Larry Nieman and Daniel Zagotta heard about the much needed funds to help keep the Edgewater Dog Park running smoothly, they took action. A GoFundMe.com campaign was started last Friday and has taken off with over 10% of their goal already met.

“Some may think that the Pet Mayor race was just about our pets, however it is so much more,” said one of Pax the Goat’s humans Larry Nieman. “Not only did it help promote the Edgewater neighborhood but it also gave us an opportunity to help local organizations who are in need of assistance. After raising so much money for Care For Real’s Pet Pantry, we wanted to continue that spirit of kindness and giving.”

So using his newly found popularity among Edgewater residents, Mayor Pax the Goat worked towards getting the funds needed to do heavy-duty landscaping in order to keep the Edgewater Dog Park dry and the pups happy.  The flooding in the area has made the park messy for the pets, but a dedicated group of volunteers have done their best to maintain the space. All funds from the campaign will help prevent further flood damage and any money left over will go towards a new water feature to help keep both animals and humans hydrated.

To make things work, the Pet Mayor reached out to one of his canine pals who also campaigned during the mayoral race. Bug, who is Pax’s Commissioner of Pawty Animals, has become his canine partner to help inspire people to donate to the cause.

“Edgewater residents have regular access to a beautiful neighborhood and beaches–it’s only fair that our dogs should, too,” said Bug’s human Maz King. “In many cases, particularly for those of us who live in the apartment-condensed east side of Broadway, we don’t always have the space to enrich our active pets. By continuously working to improve the dog park, it takes a burden off of owners to find creative ways to keep our dogs happy and healthy–our dogs just get to have fun!”

King added that the Pet Mayor election provided a fun and unique opportunity to bring Edgewater together. Continued fundraising and awareness efforts such as this will help capitalize on that momentum by highlighting all the ways in which Edgewater is such an amazing neighborhood.

The Edgewater Dog Park, which was commissioned by Alderman Harry Osterman in August of 2017, is a large community dog park maintained, organized, and funded by Edgewater community dog owners and their friends. The space is both run and funded exclusively by the local community which makes any fundraising donations such as this crucial for the future of the dog park.

To donate, go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/PaxSupportsOurDogPark

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