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Last Andersonville Farmer’s Market Tomorrow, Get Your Fall Foods

andersonvillefarmersmarket-This week will be Andersonville’s last farmer’s market of the season. Let’s hope the not-so-cold weather stays a little longer and the leaves hang on to the trees for just a few more weeks so we can continue to enjoy the beauty of this season. In the meantime, we should be stocking up on all the local foods we can get our hands on before the winter weather takes over.

The fall season tends to make quite an impact on the foods we eat and our plates take on a whole new bright color palette. With warm squash soups, fruit ciders, bake-able hearty vegetables and several styles of pie, there are so many fall foods in season to take advantage of this year. We compiled a list of some of our favorite locally harvested foods to take advantage of and fill your kitchen with this week!

Find all the foods below available this Wednesday, Oct. 15 at the Andersonville Farmer’s Market.

FallFoodsSquash – From butternut to pumpkin to acorn, squashes have a great deal of vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids and are plentiful in the fall. You can bake them in the oven with some fresh herbs or turn them into a soup to last you through the week. They can be tough to break open but are worth the work once their texture softens and a few complementary flavors are added.

Apples – Apples can be turned into almost anything and we should take advantage of this season to experiment with the variations of this fruit. Make fresh apple cider, apple pies, apple butter, or just slice up a gala, fuji, granny smith or pink crisp. They are high in fiber and vitamin C, and during the fall they truly live up to being nature’s candy.

Brussel Sprouts – While most of us hated brussel sprouts growing up, they have become a staple at foodie-favorite restaurants and are being whipped up in many different savory ways. Packed with iron and vitamin K, brussel sprouts are a superfood veggie that has a lot of substance and health benefits. Complement them with tangy and savory type flavors, butter, garlic, bacon, mustard, vinegar and nuts — and our childhood feared food turns into quite a delightful dish!

Parsnips – While they look like a white version of a carrot, they are much different in taste. They offer some of the same health benefits such as potassium and fiber and can be used in stews, sauces, baked or shaved for a fall salad.

Pears –  Nothing beats a juicy pear, and they don’t seem to taste as good outside of the fall season, so now is the time to indulge. Similar to an apple, you can do many things with pears to alter their taste. Poaching and baking pears with a sprinkle of cinnamon is an easy sweet treat. They are great in pies, on their own, or as a complement to cocktails.

Sweet Potatoes – White potatoes are blah and outdated. Sweet potatoes are delicious, extremely healthy and can curb any craving whether salty or sweet. Not unlike our other fall favorite foods, sweet potatoes can be baked on their own or added to stews and soups, but they can also be made into pies and sweet style casseroles.

This list doesn’t do justice to all of the amazingly tasty and healthy fall foods available to us. I could go on for days about the wonders of cauliflower dishes, the many things you can do with pomegranates, the magic powers of dates or the healing qualities of the grapefruit. Instead- what are some of your favorite fall foods and dishes? Any favorite items from the Andersonville Farmer’s Market that we should take advantage of while we still can?



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