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Know No Limits Gym Remains Open Under New Management

knowNoLimitsToday, Know No Limits at 6125 N. Clark has changed ownership and is under new management. Previous owner Karla Shelton did tell EVB last week that a rent increase coupled with a business model that was not working for the club made moving forward with new management inevitable. Over the last year, there has been additional health club options in the neighborhood which has put increased strain on memberships at the businesses which have already been serving the area. Whether this was a factor in this ownership change is unclear.

The new owner will be Reza Toulabi who is best known for Reza’s Mediterranean and Persian restaurants, one which is located on the Andersonville strip. Mr. Toulabi who owns the building, got word of the struggling gym and expressed interest in purchasing it from Ms. Shelton for an undisclosed amount. In order to keep the gym afloat, she accepted the offer.

Up until yesterday evening, both employees and managers were not told the fate of the gym and their jobs.  The staff was elated to find out that their positions were secure and that the gym would continue on business as usual. The name will stay the same for now and members can expect to continue with their normal routine. In addition, plans are in the works to spruce up the gym. According to a source that works for Mr. Toulabi, both new equipment and increased class programming are scheduled to hit the club shortly.

Andrae Lamar who has been a manager of Know No Limits was excited to hear that the gym would stay the same. “The members have built a strong community here and they will continue to see the same faces and have the same experience as usual. That was a huge relief.” Mr. Lamar is also excited that there will be some long awaited upgrades to the gym as well, “I was happy to hear that some of our larger and older equipment will be upgraded including many of the cardio machines. It is nice to hear about additional class programming and future building renovations.”

Ms. Shelton is currently working to make sure the transition goes smoothly and may continue teaching her classes at Know No Limits.

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