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Great Lakes Clinical Trials Opening in Andersonville

GreatLakesOver the past year, there has been a change in the southeast corner of Foster and Ashland. Gone is the Nelson Funeral Home. In its place you will find a ten thousand square foot state of the art clinical research facility, Great Lakes Clinical Trials. Great Lakes is an independent, phase I-IV clinical trial center that specializes in the study of investigational medications for treatments of several different diseases. Owners Steve Satek and Dean Hervochon will welcome their first research participants within weeks.

The facility is a ‘green facility’. Dean says that they have “LED lighting in 95% of the space, Low E Glass on Store front and 4 smaller high-efficiency 90%+ HVAC units.  We recycled all that we could and  saved as many walls as possible to avoid filling the landfills.”

“There are other clinical trial organizations in the city,” Dean continues, “ but we are the only phase 1 – 4 clinic and we are considered ‘state of the art’ in how we are conducting the trials.” From the colorful outdoor awnings to the welcoming staff, completely new surroundings and a pleasant lounge, Steve and Dean have made this a pleasant environment for trial participants and any caregivers who may accompany them.

GretaLakes2Steve has attempted to capitalize on his long years of research experience and integrity to bring the best possible staff to Great Lakes Clinical Trials in Andersonville. The facility opened its doors in October and already has two pharmaceutical companies working with them and fifteen research projects about which we will hear more in the coming months.

Steve and Dean have truly put their money where their mouth is. This is their home and has been for many years. There may be times or testing trials which will require that participants are provided with meals; they plan to utilize local restaurants. “A person might have to be here for six hours of testing,” Steve says. “We would like to say, “Svea is catering your lunch today.”

In the coming months Great Lakes Clinical Trials plans to do community outreach and education. So don’t be surprised if you find an informational packet on your door, in your mailbox or hear about a presentation to be held at their facility.

Clinical trials are not an attempt to take patients from their doctors. Rather, they are a scientific based investigative medically supervised process by which medications, even over the counter ones, are evaluated.

Steve says that his passion relates to Alzheimer’s disease and ways in which to slow its progress. Candidates for this trial will be sought within the next few weeks. “Three thousand candidates might be screened,” Steve explained, “But only three hundred people will actually participate in the trial especially since a study of this kind could last over a period of five years, for example.”

Great Lakes Clinical Trials has an ideal location for those using public transportation and has a prime spot in Andersonville. Volunteers wishing to participate in a clinical research trial are encouraged to call (773) 275-3500 to inquire about current studies. Great Lakes has more than a dozen studies currently enrolling, testing new treatments for a wide variety of illnesses including generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, memory impairment, and pain syndromes. Volunteers who qualify for a clinical trial are provided a stipend at the completion of each study visit and are reimbursed for travel costs to and from the site.



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