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Fireworks Mistaken For Gunshots Causing Alarm In Edgewater

Readers of  Edgeville Buzz reported hearing gunshots on April 28 around 12:30 a.m. and on April 9  around 3 a.m.,  and came to Edgeville Buzz’s blog and Facebook page to find out more. What they actually heard were fireworks. With a great amount of attention on Chicago for being a violent city and a few recent shootings in our neighborhood, one can easily mistake the sound of a firework for that of a gunshot. We at the Edgeville Buzz make an effort to report on shootings and any other time-sensitive information as soon as we catch word, but distinguishing one loud noise from the next can be alarming for anyone.


fireworksFor the most part, fireworks are illegal in Illinois with the exception of novelty fireworks (snakes, smoke bombs, sparklers and party poppers). Anything else that has a loud “bang” or “boom”  is considered an explosive and therefore illegal. Law enforcement has to investigate reports of  loud noises. So how do you tell the difference between a gunshot and a firework? While the two sounds can be very similar, here are a few things to consider when trying to decipher between a possible gunshot or a firework:

  • Fireworks sound more like a”boom” while gunshots sound more like a “crack”
  • Gunshots are usually fired off in a distinct pattern or sequence, either fast or slow, but consistent and repetitive (if there are multiple shots fired)
  • Novelty fireworks are typically random and can be scattered with a higher pitch
  • Fireworks have a flash and light that distinguish them from gunshots, which may not be visible at all

Please keep in mind, that there are so many variables when comparing gunshots to fireworks or firecrackers. When in doubt, or if you hear something that concerns you, call 911 and report what you heard!

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