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Catching Up With a Landmark: Andersonville Water Tower Update

Been wondering what’s happening with Andersonville’s Water Tower since their Midsommer fundraising success? We were too, so we checked in with the Swedish American Museum’s Executive Director, Karin Abercrombie. Fundraising has continued to go well; they’ve raised $60,000, more than a third of their $150,000 goal. It’s not just been large events like Midsommerfest either – t-shirts designed by Scott Dryer based on a photo by Andersonville resident Tina Fahrenbruch have been selling well as has Hamburger Mary’s special beer, Vattentorn. Even the change donation buckets in local businesses have been prolific, raising nearly $1,000.

Anderstonville Water Tower T-shirt

Abercrombie attributes this success to the water tower being part of the community, not simply the museum, which she thinks is because of its Swedish flag design.   As she put it, residents see it and think “that’s Andersonville and I’m here, it’s part of my neighborhood.”

Fahrenbruch agrees “My connection with the tower borders on romance, meaning I love it.  It is almost like the mascot at your alma mater, you are proud to be a member of a community whose symbol is the water tower.”

The water tower has been part of the community and the building for over 85 years. It was built as part of the fire suppression system for Lint Hardware in 1927 and still functioned as part of the fire system until it was taken down this winter. Thus the museum’s first order of business was to modernize their fire system. Once that’s done, they’ll start talking to restoration professionals about their options to restore or recreate the water tower. Abercrombie looks forward to updating the community once they have a restoration timeline.

While today is the last day to buy a t-shirt at the farmers’ market, they, along with water bottles, are available at the Swedish American Museum’s gift shop.  The next fundraising event is a Swedish-themed beer tasting at the museum on October 16 run by Jenny Pfäfflin a certified beer specialist. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased on the museum’s website here.

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