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Andersonville Becomes Wonderland and YOU Become Alice

Starting at the end of September and running through November, you may notice several white rabbits running through the neighborhood leading people through Wonderland, or as we refer to it, Andersonville. Our beloved community will transform and become a joyous and magical exploration through various local businesses that coincide with some of our favorite chapters from Alice in Wonderland. Noelle Krimm is the founder of Upended Productions, and a previous long-time member of  the Neo-Futurists. She lived in Andersonville for several years and spent time working at the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce. She has been selected as one of the Chicago Artists being featured during October, Chicago Artist Month.  Upended Productions will be running “Alice” from Sept. 27 – Nov. 2, 2014 , on Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 1 p.m. (tours leave in 15-minute intervals).

Alice Bunnies at Simon's

In this interactive production, the audience (YOU) are Alice. The many Alices follow a white rabbit through Andersonville to various venues where you experience and watch a performance artist, company, or collaboration. Keep your eyes open and your senses awake as you get dropped off  from one place to the next, perhaps not quite aware of what’s happening or where you will go next. With 7 white rabbits, several artistic directors, dancers, actors, choreographers and a film maker, there are close to 50 people involved in the production. They will be strategically placed around inside of local businesses. Originally done back in 2004 by the Neo-Futurists, this show is making a comeback, bigger and better than its original show years ago.

Alice Windows

Krimm takes a unique approach to theater and believes it should be an interactive experience for audiences, not a passive one. “I believe theatere has to evolve with the times. Long ago, people needed to watch theater as an alternate reality to get away from hard labor and their exhaustive work life. Nowadays we all sit in front of computers all day long, skimming through social media to get a glimpse of other people’s everyday lives. Our type of theater needs to encourage people to get up off of our asses and make it a more active experience,” says Noelle.

The show’s success is contingent on being in an area like Andersonville, where supporting local businesses and supporting your community is the norm. “A show like this couldn’t happen in an area like Lincoln Park or gentrified neighborhood where every big box business would have to get corporate clearance to allow artists to use their space. In Andersonville the businesses are so supportive and really open to the traveling performance and the artists involved. The whole neighborhood turns into wonderland for a few hours and the audience starts seeing things that I never thought of. It truly is magical to experience Andersonville in a whole new way.” Join the adventure and become Alice during the month of October! Tickets can be purchased here.

*While the show is appropriate for all ages, styles and types of people, there might be stairs to walk up, tables to crawl under, and a few other fun logistics along the way- so make sure to wear comfortable shoes to partake in the adventure!


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