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Unfounded Rumors That Include Destruction Of Northside Communities Prompt CPD To Recommend Staying Off Social Media Right Now

The rise of social media has done great things in connecting communities and providing important information. But with all the good, there is often those that take advantage in negative ways.

Like a tornado unfounded rumors have been swirling on social media creating additional panic and fear around us. Concerned residents unintentionally help fuel the fire by reposting and retweeting that sensational information and allow the message to spread.

In a news conference yesterday, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown was firm in his belief that the rumors that have been circulating were causing further harm within our communities.

“We need your help with rumors on social media that fuel the divisiveness in our cites,” Brown said. “This is fueling more and more anxiety, more and more anger. I know it is a big ask but the best thing you can help us with is stay off social media. Don’t buy into the rumors and help us deal in reality and facts as to what is happening on the ground.”

One such rumor that started circulating over the weekend came in the form of a simple meme with a big threat of burning the Northside to ashes. Though Edgewater and Andersonville were not included in a list of nearby communities on the graphic, area residents were alarmed by the message and uncertain of its validity.

Other inaccurate information spread throughout the city such as reports of empty gas canisters found in alleyways and behind homes. The suburbs were also affected by unfounded rumors including that looters where being dropped off by buses into Northern neighborhoods to wreak havoc. CPD says that both have not been proven.

Though police think that much of the looting activity is clearly an organized effort aimed at specific shopping districts and stores, Black Lives Matter protest organizers have condemned any such vandalism, looting or violence. Born out of anger due to systemic racism, their protest is disruptive but largely meant to be peaceful.

CPD recommends still being alert to any criminal activity in your area. If you see suspicious or illegal activity taking place, alert authorities immediately and be safe.

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