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Multiple Andersonville Stores Looted, Alderman Says Incidents Could Happen Again Tonight

Photo: Ginger Tunzi

The peaceful protests in response to the death of George Floyd and the systemic racism and police brutality directed towards those of color has given rise to separate incidents of crime throughout the nation. Though the Edgewater area was unscathed by looting according to current reports, a few Andersonville storefronts were not so lucky.

An email from 40th Ward Alderman Andre Vasquez was sent out yesterday afternoon encouraging businesses to both remove all valuable items from their storefronts and board up windows. In response, many small business storefronts like Octovio Cantina (5310 N Clark) and CBD Kratom (5303 N Clark) as well as corporate stores like Target, Walgreens and Whole Foods quickly fortified their windows with plywood.

Unfortunately two Andersonville business were targeted in the past couple days. The AT&T store at 5601 N Clark was hit last night and the Akira retail store at 5228 N Clark was hit both nights. A brick was thrown through the front windows of Urban Pooch at 4501 N Ravenswood and there was reports that the Andersonville Walgreens and both the Uptown and Peterson targets were hit.

According to a video by Vasquez, recent criminal incidents are separate from the peaceful protests that have popped up throughout the city. He said the looting and damage that took place targeted specific stores in specific shopping districts and was coordinated by those wishing to take advantage of the current situation.

“According to (CPD) commanders, There was definitely a lot of coordinated looting going on that was separate from the protesting,” said Vasquez. “Some individuals knew that there was an opportunity to take advantage and were coming in. There were some out of state license plates from Missouri and Indiana. We are talking about multiple vehicles as well as people in U-Haul tucks that were driving around in an organized fashion and taking things from local businesses.”

With a Chicago curfew still in place from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Vasquez added that looting will may happen again here tonight as well. There are several recommendations however that owners can implement to protect their business. Besides boarding up, it is urged that you take all cash from and valuables home, remove any merchandise from the windows, and keep all security and alarm systems active.

It was also suggested that business owners call their local Chamber of Commerce if you need help boarding up your business. Report any looting, vandalism or suspicious activity to local police or dial 911.

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