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Renderings Released Of Development That Could Replace Wing Hoe Restaurant Mansion

Proposed complex on Southwest corner of Sheridan and Balmoral.


At a community open house meeting last night, details on the proposed rental project at 5356 N. Sheridan were showcased to the public. The plan calls for the demolition of the mansion that has housed Wing Hoe restaurant since 1971 and replacing it with a new four-story complex.

The developer, MCZ Development, showcased the first renderings of the building at the open house which was held at Tedino’s restaurant. The brick and glass facade structure will have 41 one-bedroom and 9 two-bedroom rentals which all vary in size and shape per floor. There will also be 20 parking spaces made available to occupants.

Wing Hoe restaurant mansion

MCZ, who is also the team behind the Edgewater Medical Center development at 5700 N. Ashland, closed on the property on January 22.  They are currently in the process of changing the zoning from a B3-3 to a transit-oriented development project B2-3 which allows for an all-residential building.

Originally planned to have first floor retail, that idea was scrapped after talking with the 48th Ward office and the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce according to MCZ’s attorney, Nick Ftikas of the Law Offices of Sam Banks.

“Everyone seamed comfortable with an all-residential building,” said Ftikas. “There were some concerns about the viability of a retail tenant in the building. So we amended our plan.”

There will also be a a functional rooftop terrace for the residents that will serve as outdoor space for the development. Along Balmoral, the building will be recessed about 9 ft. to allow for a private grassy/garden patio space for first floor units. Some of the rentals will have private balconies overlooking Sheridan.

“One of the things that the architects put some real thought into was how to  distinguish ourselves as new construction as opposed to the taller, older structures nearby,” Ftikas added. “We tried to do something that fit on our side of the block, but also was a little newer in terms of concept. We feel like we did a good job trying to fit new construction into an existing community.”

If approved, the developer hopes to break ground this year after all necessary permits and zoning changes are finalized.


Balmoral side of complex.


Sheridan side of complex

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  • Steve Weinshel

    This article refers to the project as a condo property. It is intended to be a rental property. All the units are small and at last night’s meeting it was stated the marketing will be towards just out of college first time renters.

    • BuzzModerator

      Thanks so much Steve. We have confirmed and updated the article. We appreciate the response.

    • Desmond Lathan-Rizzo


  • Edge Carl

    Even though I like preserving some of our past, the Wing Ho building has been remodeled far beyond, inside and out, its former beauty. If we really care about theses things, why do we allow tasteless, cheap, and inappropriate renovations?

  • Maureen White

    The ratio of 20 parking spots and 50 units seems very inadequate in an area with high demand for street parking.

  • zz4j9m

    I suppose it’s inevitable, but pardon me for yawning. Replacing a restaurant or viable retail space with residential sort of deadens the ambience, IMO. I feel the same way about professional services (some sort of office) moving in behind closed blinds in a former retail space at street level. Personal first-world problem, I know. But Zzzzzzz….

  • Anne Sullivan

    We have an incredible restaurant–in operation for 2 generations–in a beautiful mansion. And we want to replace it with another development of tiny overpriced apartments which will just drive rents higher…?! Over 60% of the housholds in Edgewater are RENTER occupied, not owner occupied. But these developments are not designed for them. They are designed for the snotty rich folks they want to replace us with. Time for rent control in the 48th Ward!

  • William Schendel

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…but how much longer do I have to make my final Wing Hoe visits?

  • stephanie

    Sorry, but this structure is hideous, no charm at all, and it saddens me that Wing Ho will be gone if this really goes through.

  • Steve Weinshel

    How comfortable are we suppose to feel about the developer’s understanding of the neighborhood when the render shows Balmoral as a 2-way street.

    Also, it looking at the plans for the back, it indicates space for two dumpsters. The 50 unit building will need 4-5 dumpsters.

    Lastly, We where advised this building is going to be targeted at young people right out of college. Based on the demographic, I would anticipate a turnover rate of close to a third a year, or 16-17 apartments a year. With Access from Balmoral and Sheridan cutoff and service access only from the alley, move in/out will either block the alley and limit neighboring build’s usage of the alley, or if moving trucks pull into the back, movement in and out of parking spots will be prohibited during moves.

  • Paul Pennock

    Parking is a SERIOUS problem in this area and they want to put in 20 parking spots for a 50 unit building. VOTE THIS DOWN! Its bad enough they are destroying one of the last remaining mansions in the neighborhood but to further the parking problem is unacceptable. The city should not allow this at all. Everyone knows about the parking issues in this area

  • Chiguy010

    I don’t believe anyone is forcing Wing Hoe to sell and make a ton of money. Go by here 3-4 times a day. If everyone bitching really ate there, they would stay open. Place is dead most the time. Welcome to free enterprise!

  • Chiguy

    Hey tree huggers! If all of you whiners actually ate at Wing Hoe, they would probably stay open. Walk a dog by there often each day, the place is dead. Plus, some mean service!! Am sure no one is being forced to sell the place. Free enterprise. Welcome to reality!

  • Kevin Doerksen

    I believe Wing Hoe leases the space. If so, they have no say in the matter. Yes, its been remodeled beyond recognition. Its more about losing a viable business and replacing it with bland crap that is not needed. What was once a beautiful street now looks like Camazotz (A Wrinkle in time). Edgewater continues to devolve.