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Premise closes its doors

The facade at Premise. Credit: Lyle Bright

From Wikipedia:

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  • I also don’t like to see local businesses fail, but I am one of those who was unimpressed by Premise after having been a huge fan of In Fine Spirits. I’m encouraged by the sale to the LM group since I’ve enjoyed their restaurants. Hopefully the space won’t be shuttered for long.

  • I loved In Fine Spirits as well. I went to Premise once for brunch, and it was good, just not good enough. I can’t imagine why they changed it. In Fine Spirits was packed all the time. Hopefully the next place will be similar in concept.

  • Jackie

    Opening the facade a bit wouldn’t hurt.. It seems a bit closed off – uninviting, maybe the new ownership will consider this when revamping.

  • I spoke with an employee at the In Fine Sprits wine shop and he said that when the In Fine Sprits Wine Bar was in operation the owners had noticed a switch from wine to more cocktail based drinks being sold. So they thought they could jump on the cocaktail bandwagon and so reconcepted the wine bar into Premise.
    I really liked the wine bar and also really liked the cocktails at Premise. The decor was nice, and they had a nice outdoor area and upstaris area as well. I think what failed them was the pricing & the initial image Premise had as a more lounge-y clubby place, instead of a really good cozy neighborhood hangout when they first opened. They failed to win over the hood.

  • They should’ve left well enough alone. It was a simple and solid concept – awesome drinks and small plates – that they muddied up with a lot of confusion. I’m not surprised people stayed away with so many other options along Clark Street.