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Pizzeria Aroma To Relocate To Larger La Fonda Restaurant Space

Starting a restaurant in 1999, Pizzeria Aroma owner Jim Dababneh took a chance on a business he had no experience in. Almost 20 years later, it has been announced that he will be relocating the eatery less than a block away to a larger space that will offer his customers more options.

With the future of the current property which contains his restaurant at 1125 W. Berwyn uncertain, Dababneh was forced to look for a new location when he approached La Fonda Latino Grill owners who were looking to sell their space at 5350 N. Broadway. He worked quickly to secure the property knowing it had all the perfect ingredients for a better dining experience.

The new restaurant will be completely remodeled and give his customers a new type of dining experience they were not allowed in the current space. Aroma currently operates in a 1,400 sq. ft storefront, the new place will be a 2,750 sq. ft. operation with a basement for storage. He will be able to sit about 70 in the updated dining room, about three times as many than the current restaurant.

Televisions will be added for people to enjoy their favorite sports and there will be an outdoor patio during the warmer months sitting and additional 16-20 people. In addition, North Community bank next door will allow patrons of the restaurant to park in their lot after 6 p.m. – seven days a week. But most of all, Pizzeria Aroma will be applying for a liquor license which will offer the patrons a full bar.

“The La Fonda space will allow us to continue the bold flavors of our menu in a nice, intimate dining room that I think it deserves,” said Dababneh. “This has always been a predominately delivery and carry-out business. I would say 80% of my customers who have been ordering from me consistently for the the past 10-15 years have never stepped foot in the restaurant. By giving them a new, aesthetically warm dining room where they can order a drink or a beer is going to bring them in.”

The La Fonda kitchen, according to Dababneh, is in great shape. He will be adding some additional equipment, the pizza oven and a new hood.

Aroma’s delivery/carry-out menu will stay pretty much the same, however the dining room menu will most likely have additional items. According to Dababneh, he will continue to offer the same mid-level, affordable food options which he thinks is lacking in the neighborhood.

“What you see happening right now in the restaurant business is either corporate fast food or more expensive restaurants where entrees cost $20-$35 and a glass of wine $12-$16,” Dababneh added. “We want to offer a place where people can take their family for a good meal with good service and not spend a fortune.”

Pizzeria Aroma will take over the new space October 1. They hope to open the doors to the new restaurant by year end.

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